August 26, 2010

Toronto Sun Steals Material From Blog, Then Defends Its Plagiarism

On August 18, Pension Plan Puppets -- a Toronto Maple Leafs blog -- posted an article from a Czech website, translated into English by a friend of the blog. It contained quotes from Frantisek Kaberle Sr, the father of Leafs player Tomas Kaberle.

On August 20, PPP noticed that David Fuller of the Toronto Sun had written an article about Kaberle Sr.
Normally I would ignore anything in The Sun but I was curious about whether there was anything new coming from the Kaberle pater familias. You can probably imagine my surprise when it was nothing more than a re-working of the original piece including Romdgpce's translated quotes verbatim.
PPP emailed Fuller and his editor James Wallace, noting that
it is considered proper etiquette to at least acknowledge the source of your work. Doubly so when they are the ones that went through the trouble of translating an article into English.
In response, while Fuller admitted that he first saw the Kaberle story at PPP, he and his editor lied about how Fuller put his story together (using an on-line translator!) and defended the newspaper's plagiarism.

Fuller also explained that to have told his readers that the quotes he was using were first translated into English at PPP would have been "over-crediting, in my opinion". (PPP was not mentioned in his article at all.)

PPP's recap of the entire matter (to date) is well worth reading.


allan said...

Thanks to Dennis, my supervisor at work, for sending the story to me. If you need a photographer, check him out.

Anonymous said...

Traditional dead-tree journalism is really hurting. On the subway last night I came across a sickly-thin copy of the Patriot Ledger, which had as its A1 cover story, complete with color art, an essentially pointless column by one of their sportswriters about Tom Brady's hair. That's right. I had to keep checking to make sure it was just the masthead at the top of the page and not actually the front of the sports section, which would've been bad enough. Nope. It wasn't.

Michael Holloway said...

The worm is turning.

Just under the banner ad at the top of PPP (who I see is using MY avatar Grrr.) is this sweet line:

"Pension Plan Puppets -
A Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Proudly Sponsoring the Toronto Sun"


Rob said...

Bunch of crazy shit happening today!

tim said...

what else would you expect from a glorified tabloid?

im looking forward to reading the PPP recap.

tim said...

good old strategy:

do something questionable / be called out on it / defend the fuck out of it saying you weren't wrong / let the facts state otherwise / be mum about the whole situation and let it "blow over" / the end.

just like the beltre ejection.

these fucks need to be contained in a room with a 50,000,000 (yes that says 50 million) watt lightbulb and plenty of waterboarding. (the one situation in which i condone such behaviour) - fuck 'em. if they can lie, then they can tell the truth.

i am sick and tired of shit happening that is a big issue for like 2 weeks, then everyone moves on. not that this is a big issue, but it is in a certain sense. i don't want to ramble on right now, but fuck sakes people....ok thats it for tonight.

tim said...

wow, i feel like i should really delete that incoherent nonsense up there. damn wine.

allan said...

Peter Abraham: "I'm pretty much to a point now where wins and losses aren't something I look at when evaluating a pitcher. Felix Hernandez is 10-10. If he played for the the Sox or Yankees he might be 18-2."

Pretty much to the point?
He's not there yet?!?!?!?

tim said...

Yeah, I saw that earlier. WTF, PA?!

Rob said...

I fucking hate W/L. THIS SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY MEANING AT ALL except to say hey, you got the WIN, which means your offense scored more runs than you gave up, and you LOST because your offense SUCKS and couldn't score more than you gave up.

How the fuck... I mean, it's a rhetorical question, but this is MLB in a nutshell. They take something that makes NO sense and spins it some way to make it make sense to people. Or something. Or maybe they're all sheep.

I have not been drinking.

Rob said...

And Tim, don't you dare delete that post. That was some funny shit. Wine FTW.

tim said...

I just yelled at him on twitter about that.

laura k said...

Love the Tim rant, love the Ish rant!!!

"I'm pretty much to the point" where I pay zero attention to anything any mainstream sportswriter says.

Rob said...

I saw that, Tim. A+. Too bad he never replies to anything people say.

tim said...

lol, glad i could entertain.