August 20, 2010

Pedroia Back On Disabled List

Dustin Pedroia has been placed on the disabled list. Q&A with Pedroia from this afternoon here.

Terry Francona:
He woke up (this morning) and he was pretty tender. They did a scan and while it showed really good healing it also showed there's some healing to go. The layman's version is they tried to impress upon him that if it hurt you'd better tell us because if you don't you're going to hurt yourself. He did that, so give him some credit. It's hard for good players to be honest, but if he hurts it then we're looking at something we don't want to be looking at - surgery and things like that.
The Red Sox have called up infielder Yamaico Navarro.


mattymatty said...

Is there somewhere where I could actually count up the days the Sox have lost to the DL this season? I bet it would be a pretty ridiculous number. As it stands now this has been a pretty ridiculous season.

Patrick said...

The season that keeps on giving.

Tom DePlonty said...

mattymatty - check out this chart on SoSH. The guy who made it just did an update today.

allan said...

Even money Jacoby Ellsbury is at home yelling back at the TV/computer screen:
"So maybe coming back too soon isn't such a great idea, huh, mediots? What's your headline tomorrow -- Pussy Pedey Back On Bench? Show some consistency at least."

allan said...

I know there are lists like that: Pedroia missed 45 games, Varitek missed 60, whatever. Not sure where, though.

Kathryn said...

Okay, I spent the last inning looking for this (it was better than giving all my attention to Lester).

July 15. from Abraham at the Globe
The Sox face the real possibility of fielding one of the best teams in the game yet not going to the postseason, thanks to a series of injuries that have forced them to use an astonishing 77 different lineups over 88 games.

I remember reading this and thinking it was amazing. What do you think the numbers are now?