December 21, 2011

Red Sox Choose Pitching Coach

Update: Looks like it's Bob McClure, who had been the Royals pitching coach for the last six seasons. (Reasons to be wary in comments.)
Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said on Wednesday that he has decided on a new pitching coach and that the hiring will be announced as soon as a contract is signed.
Also: Tim Bogar will be Valentine's bench coach and Jerry Royster will coach third base.


allan said...

SoSHer TheYellowDart5:

Man, Varitek as pitching coach would be hysterical.

"Josh, what's wrong out there?"
"Can't seem to put anyone away, Jason."
"Hm. Okay, have you tried throwing your fastball nonstop?"
"Yeah, first thing I thought of."
"Okay, well ... I'm out of ideas."


Philip said...

B-bogar is off third!

Joy! Happiness!

Jere said...

I'm Bob McClure. You may remember me from such teams as the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers and the 1973 Billings Mustangs...

allan said...


DL: In a more general sense, what is your opinion of using data when working with pitchers?

BM: It depends on what kind of data. I think that makeup...where is the data on makeup? Where is the data on a guy being able to throw the ball real slow in a situation where there are 40,000 fans yelling at you, with the bases loaded on a 3-2 count? That takes feel, conviction, and an understanding of how to pitch.

That's from November 9, 2011.

allan said...

Posnanski on McClure and his role in the possible destruction of Gil Meche's arm/career. ... Moving Bard to the rotation? Gulp.

johngoldfine said...

"Makeup"? Aw, fuckkkkkkkkk.

Jim said...

That blow-by-blow account by Posnanski of Meche's breakdown game brings back painful memories of a recent Sox manager (whom I'll always love anyway) trying to squeeze one more out from a struggling starter. I digress, cuz a couple of things stuck with me: Even in the depths of his death spiral, Meche still struck out Nick Punto. McClure was at least complicit in the whole thing. Good interview question for prospective pitching coach: What do you say to your Manager when he's still trying to get more outs from a tiring starter? And my last chilling thought was maybe Valentine looks for coaches that he can roll over.

allan said...

brings back painful memories of a recent Sox manager (whom I'll always love anyway) trying to squeeze one more out from a struggling starter

I had an immediate flashback to 2003, but I assume you meant Tito!

Someone at SoSH theorized that because every team is using advanced stats these days, the Red Sox are bucking the now-conventional trend and go back to relying on gut instincts, makeup and heart. ... If they hire Eckstein as Grit Coach or something, I'll be convinced.

Jim said...

Yeah, I meant Tito (numerous times), but now that you mention it ... (although obviously no lasting affection there).

laura k said...

where is the data on makeup?