July 7, 2012

First Inning Fireworks

After one inning on Friday night, the Red Sox and Yankees were tied 5-5. It was the first game in the history of the rivalry in which each team scored at least five runs in the first inning, according to Elias.

The last time it happened for Boston was on April 13, 1984, at Fenway Park, when the Tigers scored eight times and the Red Sox scored five.
Tigers  - 800 100 040 - 13 16  0
Red Sox - 510 000 030 -  9 14  3
The last time it happened for New York was May 11, 2005, when the Yankees and Mariners each scored five runs. (That game, like the 1984 Red Sox game, also featured another inning in which four and three runs were scored!)

The last MLB game? August 29, 2005 (Cleveland 6, Tigers 5).

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Jere said...

I was there the day after that '84 game (or maybe the Sunday). One of my earliest trips to Fenway. Got there, it was raining, with SNOW mixed in. We saw one player, Jim Rice. They never started the game. Both Saturday and Sunday were postponed. So my mom missed being at the last two Red Sox 5-for-each-in-th-first games by a day. Or two.