July 16, 2012

Ortiz Injures Right Heel, Will Have MRI On Tuesday

David Ortiz came up lame between second and third base in the eighth inning on Monday night. He limped around the bases (on Adrian Gonzalez's home run) and back to the dugout. After the game, Ortiz said he injured his right heel and will have an MRI on Tuesday.

Gordon Edes, Twitter:
Ortiz said he didn't hear a pop. "I think I'll be all right," he said, but was pretty grim-faced as he left.

Last August Ortiz missed nine games with bursitis in the same (right) heel. Have a suspicion this is related
SoSH: Bobby Valentine said that Ortiz has an Achilles injury and would miss several days. Ortiz was not using crutches.

He wasn't sure if it was going to get out, so he was going to score. It went out, he went to slow down, and pop. It's that Achilles. You know he's had the heel, where the Achilles attaches in the back of the heel. I guess he's had it in the past. ... David's a little upset and a little sore, but it doesn't look like he pulled anything or tore anything. It's probably going to be some days, though. ... We're not going to lose him for long, it doesn't look like. We've been playing short all year; no need to start anything new now. We're prepared for it. We're battle-ready.


9casey said...

See what happens when old guys try to run fast.....

allan said...

"They already did the MRI, and the doctors will give me the results this afternoon. I don't have anything broken, but I'm in a lot of pain, and the heel is swollen."

allan said...

"MRI shows no tear in Achilles for David Ortiz, confirming initial diagnosis. Unclear how long he will be out."

allan said...

David Ortiz said Tuesday he will wear a protective boot for a week and then be reevaluated after that. Ortiz will fly to Miami this week to get a second opinion.