July 14, 2012

Zack Greinke Starts Three Consecutive Games

Zack Greinke of the Brewers is the first pitcher in 95 years to start three consecutive games for his team.

Greinke started against Houston last Saturday, but was ejected after two batters (0-2-1-0-0, 4). He came back and started Sunday's game (3-5-3-2-5, 66). And thanks to the All-Star break, Greinke was in line to start the Brewers' game last night against the Pirates (5-7-6-2-6, 97).

The last pitcher to start three games in a row was Red Faber of the 1917 White Sox. And he did it in two days! Faber started both games of a September 3 doubleheader against Detroit (lasting 4.2 and 1.1 innings, respectively), then pitched all nine innings in St. Louis on September 4.


laura k said...

Last night I was treated to Dave O'Brien bemoaning the horror of Strasberg being shut down after his inning limit is reached no matter what the team is doing. Disrespectful to the fans! Disrespectful to the game!

Humans are just machines, I guess. If his arm falls off and his career is ruined, at least the fans were entertained.

allan said...

Sadly, some announcers are not shut down after reaching their "word limit".