July 13, 2012

Nick Cafardo Still Hates Jacoby Ellsbury

Nick Cafardo, Globe, July 8, 2012:
... while Ellsbury keeps rehabbing and rehabbing and rehabbing in the minors. If he can play in the minors, why can't he play here?
When Ellsbury was out with five cracked ribs in 2010, Cafardo made numerous petty implications in print that Ellsbury was either a wimp or refusing to come back and play. (I recall noting some jabs in the comment section of various threads at the time; I wish I had compiled them all.)

Naturally, the spectacularly ignorant and chronically lazy Cafardo forgot (or "forgot" or never knew) that part of Ellsbury's problem that season was that he tried to come back too early and reinjured himself.


Tom DePlonty said...

Friends don't let friends read Cafardo.

Section 36 said...

Using that logic, why would they even have the "rehab assignment" option?

laura k said...

What is with this guy???