September 16, 2015

G145: Red Sox 10, Orioles 1

Red Sox - 013 500 010 - 10 12  1
Orioles - 000 000 001 -  1  8  0
Dustin Pedroia hit two home runs and drove in five runs.

Henry Owens: 7.2-6-0-0-4, 113.

Brock Holt singled twice, scored twice, and drove in two runs. David Ortiz also had two hits, including his 35th home run of the season. This is Ortiz's sixth 35+ HR season with the Red Sox, the most in team history (Jimmie Foxx, Manny Ramirez, and Ted Williams had five).
Henry Owens / Mike Wright
Holt, RF
Sandoval, 3B
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Shaw, 1B
Castillo, LF
Swihart, C
Bradley, CF
Marrero, SS
The Red Sox have shut down Junichi Tazawa for the rest of the season. Interim manager Torey Lovullo: "There is no injury. There is nothing behind this other than us giving him a rest."

Joe Kelly pitched only 2.1 innings (53 pitches) last night before leaving with right shoulder tightness and fatigue.

OTM's Alex Skillin writes, about Owens:
He's flashed dominant form against good offenses, but also seen big league hitters punish his mistakes in a way minor leaguers likely never did. ... His performances for Boston haven't been altogether convincing, though how much his development would benefit from a return to the minors is unknown.


allan said...

September 16, 1903: "The Boston Americans whip Cleveland, scoring in each of the eight innings they bat to win, 14-7."

allan said...

Good Old Days:

September 16, 1915 - In the first of an important four-game series at Fenway Park, the Tigers (90-48) and Red Sox (90-44) square off. Detroit knocks out starter Rube Foster, then rookie reliever Carl Mays keeps throwing at Ty Cobb till he hits the Tiger star on the wrist. Cobb slings his bat at Mays in retaliation, and the crowd reacts by throwing bottles at Cobb. The next inning, Cobb catches a fly ball for the final out and then needs a police escort to leave the field.

September 16, 1923: The Cubs lose, 10-6, to the Giants in Chicago, despite the hitting of Hack Miller who collects three doubles and a triple. A riot occurs in the 8th inning when umpire Charlie Moran makes an out call at second base on Sparky Adams, Moran is pelted by hundreds of pop bottles. Judge Landis, in attendance at the game, shakes his cane at the angry mob, and play is held up for 15 minutes. John McGraw and the umpires need a police escort at the conclusion.

September 16, 1930: Flint Rhem returns to the Cardinals with an improbable story that he was kidnapped by gamblers and forced to drink bootleg whiskey.

allan said...

In last night's 16-inning game, Colorado used a record 13 pitchers!!! The old record was 11.