September 30, 2015

G158: Red Sox 9, Yankees 5 (11)

Red Sox - 301 000 100 04 - 9 13  0
Yankees - 010 031 000 00 - 5 12  0
Mookie Betts's second home run of the night capped a four-run eleventh inning, giving Boston its sixth straight win.

Travis Shaw hit a three-run homer in the first and he and Betts (who had tied the game at 5-5 with his first dong) each drove in three runs.
Wade Miley / Masahiro Tanaka
Betts, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Ortiz, DH
Shaw, 1B
Holt, RF
Swihart, C
Marrero, 3B
Bradley, LF
Can the Red Sox go 4-1 over the final five games of the season - two in New York, three in Cleveland - and finish at .500?


Jere said...

Hilarious--Mookie says he gave slices of pizza to homeless people, presumably giving him good karma for the game!

allan said...

Jon Shestakofsky:
"Mookie Betts is first with 42 2B, 8 3B, 18 HR in age 22 season or younger since Jack Clark in 1978, first in AL since Ted Williams in 1940."

Jere said...

"Jack Clark"

Did I ever tell you about the time I ran into Jack Clark's all-time biggest fan? At YS, circa '91, down the third base line, trying to call Jack over was this woman with a giant binder with "JACK CLARK" written in rhinestones on the front. I don't know if she was just getting his autograph over and over and filling the book with them or what...

The other thing I think of when I hear his name is that great photo caption from the '85 NLCS that won photo of the year or best caption or something: "Jack of Cards Turns Dodgers Blue."

Benjamin said...

Unrelated: the days of MLB shilling for the Pentagon may be numbered.