September 27, 2015

NESN Fails To Show Fenway Tribute To Don Orsillo

Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston:
The video tribute at Fenway Park Sunday to Red Sox broadcaster Don Orsillo after the seventh inning was a nice touch, but it never aired on NESN. Beyond a brief mention by his partner Jerry Remy, it might as well have never happened for the ones who care the most, the folks watching on NESN, either at home or in the bars and nursing homes and workplaces where Orsillo has come to be regarded as a dear friend. ...

But the fans at the ballpark let it be known, loud and clear, how they felt about losing Orsillo, a regular companion on so many spring and summer and early autumn days, during his last broadcast of a Sox game on Yawkey Way.

"Don Or-sil-lo," they chanted for the kid who was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, grew up in Madison, New Hampshire, went to school around the corner at Northeastern, dreamed of broadcasting for the Sox and never wanted for another job. ...

"That's a moment," Orsillo said, "I will take to my grave."
So, in addition to being incompetent, NESN is also petty and vindictive.


laura k said...

Awful! And somehow unsurprising. Great that Orsillo had the tribute at Fenway, though.

FenFan said...

So shameful how this whole affair was handled. While I'm not broken up about his departure, the fact that he held his head high and continued to maintain his level of professionalism says a lot.

It will be interesting to see if NESN does something next Sunday afternoon to recognize Orsillo during his final broadcast, but I won't hold my breath.

D.Ing said...

Like Yogi said, "Always go to other people's funerals. Otherwise, they won't come to yours."

NESN, you will die some day. Network monopolies that offer no choice and mediocre service have a limited future.

And I won't be going to the funeral.

Anonymous said...

How are they still on the air?

allan said...

It wasn't an accident.

"@LynchieWCVB: Told by reliable sources that NESN refused to air tribute to Don Orsillo that ran on CF video board during game"

allan said...

SoSHer Tom Brunansky23:
"Sox just posted their little "Thank You Fans" video on their Facebook page. 600 or so comments and I'd say about 575 of them are trashing the crap out of them for what they've done to Orsillo. Tone deaf, out of touch, apathetic, ignorant, or the Red Sox as an organization plain just don't care about what their customers want. Disgusting."

allan said...

Apparently, the anger at NESN over the entire Orsillo affair took the network completely by surprise. And now, after refusing to show the tribute at the park yesterday, they are scrambling to cover their tracks:

"Yesterday€'s Don Orsillo tribute by the Red Sox was designed to be an in-ballpark celebration for the fans in attendance.
NESN already had separate plans underway to recognize Don during our last telecast of the season this Sunday (Oct 4).
We look forward to celebrating Don's career at NESN throughout that game."

"Already underway" - yeah, right.

FenFan said...

NESN is almost to China, the hole they've dug just about puts them there