July 10, 2017

Chris Sale Starts ASG For Second Straight Year

Chris Sale was named as the American League's starting pitcher for Tuesday night's All-Star Game.

Sale will be the first pitcher to make consecutive ASG starts for different teams. He wore a White Sox uniform when he pitched the first inning of last year's ASG. Max Scherzer will start for the National League. Sale also will be the first AL pitcher to make consecutive All-Star starts since Toronto's Dave Stieb did it in 1983-84.

Dan Shulman (WEEI) offers his top 10 moments from the first half of the season.

Despite a 50-39 record and a 3.5-game lead in the AL East, some Red Sox players feel unsatisfied with the team's performance.

Mookie Betts:
We're in first . . . I feel like we still haven't fully blossomed. I think we still have a long way to go. When the time gets ready, I think we'll be right where we need to be.
David Price:
I still don't think we've played our best baseball yet. I think everybody in this clubhouse understands that.
An infield triple!

New York Times headline: "As More Teams Host Gay Pride Events, Yankees Remain a Holdout"

Jeff Sullivan (Fangraphs) offers "The Worst Called Ball of the First Half":


allan said...

ASG: 1-1, B9. Kimbrel walks 2 and leaves runners at 2nd/3rd by striking out Conforto. ...

tim said...


1-0 IN ALL STAR GAMES THIS YEAR! Surprised they didn't flash the record along with the W/L/S pitchers...

In other egregiously horrible calls, dunno if you caught this or not Allan:


allan said...

I dunno. Looks like it caught the corner. (/ghostofericgregg)