July 16, 2017

G93: Red Sox 3, Yankees 0

Yankees - 000 000 000 - 0  8  1
Red Sox - 002 001 00x - 3  8  0
A running diary of the "Aaron Judge Awesomeness Judgey Spectacular of Judgeosity featuring ESPN Sunday Judge Night Judgeball (Aaron Judge!)", featuring selected comments from the SoSH Game Thread:

T1: With the AL East race getting a bit tighter - the Rays and Yankees are both 2.5 GB at game time - the Red Sox need a good outing from David Price. Jacoby Ellsbury hits his first pitch of the night into shallow center for a single. Price comes back to strike out Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge. Price gets two strikes on Matt Holliday, but the Yankees DH lines a single to right. Starlin Castro falls behind 0-2 and grounds to shortstop. Tzu-Wei Lin tosses the ball to Dustin Pedroia for a force play. (SoSH: "No, Karl, we don't need to know what size bed Judge sleeps in")

B1: Masahiro Tanaka has pitched poorly in the first inning this year. In 18 starts, he has a 9.50 ERA in the first inning, with eight home runs allowed. (ESPN's graphic states it's 10 home runs, but that's wrong. ESPN also says Tanaka has allowed at least one hit in the first inning in each of his last 13 starts. That might be true. I don't know.) Opponents are hitting .382 with a 1.137 OPS against Tanaka in the first inning. In fact, the first batter he faces in a game is 10-for-18 (.556)) with a 1.667 OPS! ... So the Red Sox go quietly. Of course. Mookie Betts grounds to shortstop. Andrew Benintendi strikes out swinging. Dustin Pedroia grounds to third. (SoSH: "I was really hoping for a 1-2-3 inning sprinkled with lots of Judge ball-washing, so that was perfect.")

T2: After needing 22 pitches in the first, Price throws only seven in the second. Didi Gregorius flies to right. Clint Frazier strikes out looking. Garrett Cooper flies to right. (SoSH: "This Judge coverage is a parody of itself. Christ.")

B2: Two groundouts and a strikeout for Tanaka. (SoSH: "It's awesome that Aaron Judge has led the Yankees to their first place position." "I honestly think when I watched YES yesterday they were less biased than this.")

T3: Ronald Torreyes reaches on an infield hit between third and short. Ellsbury forces Torreyes at second. Sanchez grounds to short. Judge's poke to right-center is caught by Betts. (SoSH: "Oh, hey, an Aaron Judge montage. How refreshing!")

B3: With one out Christian Vazquez singles to center. Lin flies to center. Betts crushes a 1-1 pitch over everything in left. 2-0! (SoSH: "There's a fucking live game going on, and they are full-screening an insipid Judge interview!" "DO YOU FIT IN A BED?!?!!?!?!!!" "Mookie Betts is sick of this shit.")

T4: Price retires the side in order: 6-3, 6-3, K looking. (SoSH: "I had to switch to Castig and the MLB.tv radio feed. I couldn't keep dinner down over nine innings listening to Boone and Mendoza have a 3-way with 'the face of baseball.'")

B4: Pedroia gets a leadoff single, but Moreland grounds into a double play. Ramirez strikes out. (SoSH: "'The face of baseball'? Why would baseball pick such a dumbfuck looking face?")

T5: Price at 51 pitches. He strikes out Frazier. Cooper doubles to left (his first MLB hit). Price responds by striking out Torreyes and getting Ellsbury to ground to second. (SoSH: "I like the implication fans shouldn't boo Ellsbury because he had a 30/30 season.")

B5: Bradley starts things off by bashing Tanaka's first pitch off the Wall for an opposite-field double. Holt whiffs. Vazquez grounds to first, JBJ takes third. Lin tries to check his swing on 1-2, but the third base ump rings him up. (SoSH: "Yeah don't show the replay to see if he actually swung ESPN. Just focus the camera on Judge." "Keep ball-washing Judge and keep rattling off the shitty RISP. Fuck I hate ESPN")

T6: Sanchez lines to left. Judge - who is currently hitting .206 against the Red Sox (7-for-34), a stat ESPN is unlikely to share with its viewers - strikes out looking at an inside fastball. Make that 7-for-35! Holliday flies to center. Price is dealing. (SoSH: "Ah, radio. Castig talking about 2004's ALCS, rather than the futility of the Sox offense, or the Judge of Judge's Judgy Judge-Judge.")

B6: Betts chops the ball to second. Castro comes in to his left and makes a wild throw to first. Betts sprints to second, the throw is too high and Mookie slides in. Benintendi moves Betts to third with a grounder to second (after uncharacteristically swinging and missing two pitches in the dirt). Pedroia rips the ball to third. Torreyes is on the grass and the ball eats him up. He flops over to his left as the ball continues into left. Betts scores and it's 3-0. Moreland singles to left center. Ramirez and Bradley both look bad striking out. (SoSH: "panda catches that.")

T7: Singles by Castro and Frazier give New York runners at first and second with one out. The potential tying run comes to the plate. Cooper flies to center. Torreyes flies to left. (SoSH: "Yeah, no one ever talks about Bryce Harper anymore because the only thing on our minds is Judge and the relevant Yankees. Good lord.")

B7: Boring inning from the Red Sox as Tanaka fans two. (SoSH: "This whole broadcast just keeps topping itself with stupidity. They've lost their damn minds." "ESPN booth compares Clint Frazier to Hank Aaron. Sounds right." "Well, he hasn't done enough to be compared to Judge")

T8: Price takes the hill, at 96 pitches, as Barnes warms. Top of the order for the Yankees. Ellsbury hits a soft liner that Price pockets while jogging towards first. Sanchez drops a single into center. Judge drills the first pitch to deep center. Bradley races back into the triangle and leaps against the side wall and robs Judge of a two-run homer! A ridiculously amazing catch - and Bradley made it look so easy. A pumped-up and grinning Price strikes out Holliday on three pitches. Fenway is rocking! Price: 8-7-0-0-8, 107! (SoSH: "'I doubt that Price will stay in to face Judge again.' This is fucking amazing.")

SoSH on JBJ's catch:
He's not even at bat and they won't take the camera off him.
A little old-school Yankees Suck! Chant
I'm getting sick of ESPN about now.
holy shit!
JBJ >>>>>>>>> judge
Holy shit!!!! Play of the year
Holy shit
Haha JBJ !!!!
JBJ made that look so easy.
Jackie says NOT IN MY HOUSE!
Ha Ha
JBJ delivers a verdict!
I can't believe how easy he made that look.
Holy fuck Bradley is awesome.
Jackieeeeeee Bradleyyyyyyyyyy JUNIORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Get fucked Judge
I assume that's the best catch ever because it was off Judge
JBJ's defense is otherworldly
Non-chalanted the fuck out of that one
What a rollercoaster of emotions that just was while the ball was in the air...Wow!
My God... That catch!!!
THat's one of the greatest catches I've ever seen. Seriously.
Dude, JBJ didn't even look for the wall.
How do the defensive metrics score a catch that probably nobody else makes that literally saves two runs?
Did you see how JBJ "judged" that ball :p
JBJ just robbed a GOD
Wow did that catch ever fire up Fenway. Finally, it sounded like it should have all weekend.
Everything is awesome
That's the catch of the goddamn year.
And he didn't even like he was exerting himself there.
i really do like this OF
It saved two runs and immeasurably insufferable follow-up commentary.
That catch looked routine on the replay. Holy shit
He just got to the spot and freaking timed the hell out if it. He caught it at the absolute highest point of his jump.
Torii Hunter would have died not catching that ball.
The catch was fine, but I think we can all agree the real story was the magical sound the ball made when it left his bat and the extraordinary graciousness Judge showed by clapping at the end of the inning.
He literally stopped the rapture.
Farrell should have challenged Jackies catch just so the video board would replay it over and over.

B8: Tanaka still in. Betts singles to left and is forced by Benintendi. Pedroia flied to center. MFY pull Tanaka (7.2-8-3-0-9, 112) and bring in lefty Chasen Shreve. As a warmed-up Craig Kimbrel looks on, Moreland strikes out. (SoSH: "Sanchez not only is remarkable at blocking balls but blocking balls by catching them in his mitt. I thought the world turned a corner when Morgan retired, but alas, not so.")

T9: It's time for Kimbrel and his 0.51 WHIP. Castro (bcs) chases a high 99-mph fastball well out of the zone. (You're not going to get your bat on 99 up around your neck!) Gregorius (b) doubles to the wall in left-center. Frazier (bf) flies out to Bradley on the track in center. Gregorius decides not to tag and run on Bradley's arm (and risk being tagged out to end the game). Brett Gardner (pinch-hitting for Cooper) (cbbbcf) walks. It's the first walk of the game for either team. Chase Headley (pinch-hitting for Torreyes as the potential tying run; vs Kimbrel: 1 HR and 3 K) (ccf) struck out swinging. And the water is dirty! ... And before ESPN shows the Red Sox outfielders doing their victory dance, it has to squeeze in a few more seconds of Judge. (SoSH: "Why are they felating Tanaka when he was outpitched by Price? Good Lord." "Two outs in the ninth and all Karl Ravech wants to talk about is making excuses for Judge. C'mon." "Don't sound so fucking disappointed ESPN." "I just want to note that Sox-Yankees baseball hasn't been this much fun in a long time.")

Notes: Before this game, the Yankees had been the only team to not be shut out. The Yankees have not won any of their last eight series, the team's longest drought since 1991.
Masahiro Tanaka / David Price
Betts, RF
Benintendi, LF
Pedroia, 2B
Moreland, 1B
Ramirez, DH
Bradley, CF
Holt, 3B
Vazquez, C
Lin, SS
Game 2 of Sunday's day-night doubleheader.

Red Sox batting against the Yankees in 2017 with RATS (aka RISP): 2-for-51 (.039)
April 26   0-for- 7    Lost 3-1
April 27   0-for- 2    Lost 3-0
June 6     0-for- 3    Won  5-4
June 7     0-for- 4    Lost 8-0
June 8     0-for- 4    Lost 9-1
July 14    1-for-10    Won  5-4
July 15    1-for-10    Lost 4-1 (16)
July 16    0-for-11    Lost 3-0
The circumstances around Craig Kimbrel's three blown saves this season are very similar:
April 20, at Toronto: Kendrys Morales, leading off the bottom of the ninth, hits 2nd pitch for a home run to tie the game at 1-1.

July 3, at Texas: Mike Napoli, leading off the bottom of the ninth, hits 1st pitch for a home run to tie the game at 5-5.

July 15, vs Yankees: Matt Holliday, leading off the bottom of the ninth, hits 3rd pitch for a home run to tie the game at 1-1.


allan said...

MLB.com, on Bradley's catch: "The blast by Judge had a 94 percent hit probability and was a perfect barrel, based on the exit velocity (107.5-mph) and launch angle (32 degrees). According to Statcast™, such a hit is a home run more than nine out of 10 times."

ESPN gave a Route efficiency of 96.3%.

Zenslinger said...

I get that Baseball Needs a Face and that Judge Has Been Extraordinary, but the post-ASG hagiography of Judge was just out of control. The sheer amount of screen time!

Bar Denizen snarled early in the game, "Why do we have to listen to a woman talk about baseball?" Mendoza was all into Judge along with Boone, but far less of a homer and talked baseball intelligently, I thought. It seems a lot of fans will put up with utter foolishness from a broadcaster as long as he has a penis. And even if a woman broadcaster actually is awful (Waldman), how about leaving her gender out of it?

I heartily enjoyed the SoSH compilation. Thank you.

Fun game!