July 16, 2017

Jackie Bradley Calmly Robs Aaron Judge Of A Home Run

UPDATED: With NY tabloids below.

Jackie Bradley robs Aaron Judge of the Yankees of a two-run homer.

[Four great photos from the Red Sox's Twitter feed.]

Bradley, who plays about 320 feet from home plate at Fenway, on average, but was standing 336 feet away when Judge made contact:
I don't really have a ranking system, but I wouldn't say it was the most difficult catch I've ever made. But I guess given the situation and the timing, it's pretty high up there. ... It's one of those balls you just try to time up. It was in the air. Those are the type of plays, they rarely happen. A lot of different things got to go the right way. Gotta be just far enough over the wall, but short enough where you can grab it. And you've got to be able to get back there in time.
Mookie Betts:
Jackie does this little thing where midway, while the ball is in the air, he starts timing it, and once I saw him start timing it I figured he had a chance to catch it. He made it look easy. ... It was great. It actually made the hair stand up on my arms. It was electric. It was just a fun moment to be a part of.
David Price, when Judge hit the ball:
I didn't think it was going in the bullpen. I thought it was going to hit the jumbotron to be honest. That's the loudest ball I've heard.
Judge, who finished the series 1-for-18:
I hit it to the wrong part of the park and the wrong center fielder.

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