May 20, 2018

G47: Red Sox 5, Orioles 0

Orioles  - 000 000 000 - 0 13  0
Red Sox  - 010 040 00x - 5 12  1
The homer-happy Red Sox bashed three dongs for the second consecutive game, with J.D. Martinez clubbing two and Andrew Benintendi, who also went deep last night, hitting one.

The Red Sox have homered in 19 of their last 20 games (38 homers) and have hit 11 in their last five games.

The Red Sox have hit 67 home runs this season, the most in team history through 47 games (the tater-tagging 1977 team had 66).

The Orioles had at least one hit in every inning (112 113 121), but Eduardo Rodriguez (5-9-0-0-7, 110) and three relievers kept them off the board. Buck's Binder Boys also stranded at least one man on base in every inning, and had 14 LOB for the afternoon. (The Red Sox left 12.)

The Orioles have had only one other game in their history in which they had 13 hits and failed to score. But that game lasted 15 innings (May 14, 1961), with Baltimore losing 1-0 to Cleveland.

Excluding extra-inning games, since 1908, there have been only 12 instances of a team having 13+ hits and no runs. Of those 12, the losing team was shutout on 14 hits (the Giants on September 14, 1913 and Cleveland on July 10, 1928).

No team has ever had 15 or more hits in a nine-inning game and failed to score. But ... the Red Sox lost 1-0 in 15 innings to the Senators on July 3, 1913 and Washington's Walter Johnson gave up 15 hits. Boston's National League team had 15 hits on August 1, 1918 and lost 2-0 to the Pirates in 21 innings.

Martinez got the party started with a solo shot on David Hess's first pitch of the second inning. Hess (4.2-8-5-2-4, 87) threw another 34 pitches in the frame, but did not allow another run.

The Red Sox batted around in the fifth. Jackie Bradley doubled on an 0-2 pitch and went to third as Mookie Betts flied to right. Benintendi belted his 5th home run and Boston led 3-0. Mitch Moreland doubled and Martinez blasted his second homer of the day. (JDM and Betts lead the majors with 15.) Eduardo Nunez and Brock Holt later singled, but they were left on base.

Rodriguez escaped a jam in the third. With one out and runners at first and second, he got Manny Machado topop to third and Jonathan Schoop to ground to third. Rodriguez left the game with the bases loaded in the sixth, but Heath Hembree got the third out as Trey mancini flied to right.

The Red Sox are off on Monday. They start a three-game series in Tampa Bay - who have won six of their last seven games - and recently pushed the Blue Jays into fourth place - on Tuesday.
David Hess / Eduardo Rodriguez
Betts, RF
Benintendi, LF
Moreland, 1B
Martinez, DH
Devers, 3B
Nunez, 2B
Holt, SS
Vazquez, C
Bradley, CF

I'm still a genius!


Jim said...

But Dave O'Brien thinks he's iconic. I'd really like to hear Eck give one of his "yuks" to Showalter's scowling over nothing. The resultant silence from his booth partner would be adorable.

allan said...

Today in Atlanta:

MIA - 000 600 201 - 9 12 1
ATL - 000 002 206 - 10 12 2

FenFan said...

After the top of the seventh ended (I didn't catch the rest of the game), I wondered how often a team gets ten or more hits in a game and fails to score a run.

I bet Buck the Genius knew before all of us...

allan said...

On the flip side, on May 17, 1925, the St. Louis Browns (who became the Os) had only 4 hits but scored 11 runs and beat the Red Sox 11-6. They drew 8 walks and Boston made 7 errors!

BOS 6 7 7
STL 11 4 1

Boxes for the seven games (since 1908) in which a team scored 10+ runs but had 5 or fewer hits are here.

Jere said...

In the 1925 game, four of the Boston errors were made by the pitcher, Buster Ross, a modern MLB record for errors by a pitcher. Brief write-up from the Milwaukee Journal here.

Ross also gave up Babe Ruth's 300th home run later that year (the first time anybody had reached 300). Bonus: it was 50 years before I was born, to the day.

Dr. Jeff said...

Your comment about most hits without a run in a 9 inning game makes me wonder--what is the most LOB in a game where the team scored no runs? In other words, you would count all of the hits, walks, hit batsmen, and then tally up all of those who were on base for any reason but failed to score. According to baseball almanac:

"The most runners left on base during a nine-inning shutout is sixteen. It has occurred twice in Major League history: May 24, 1994, when Philadelphia shut out St. Louis (4-0), and May 7, 1998, when Toronto shutout Seattle (6-0)."

allan said...

Cardinals pitcher Jordan Hicks faced Odubel Herrera of the Phillies yesterday. Hicks threw sinkers clocked at 104, 105, 104, 105 and 103. According to Statcast, those were the five fastest pitches thrown this season. Wow.