May 26, 2018

NESN: More Inept Replay Zooming & A "Live" Crowd Shot Filmed At Least Three Years Ago

After Jackie Bradley's triple in the fifth inning on Friday night, NESN gave us the up-close replay!

Atlanta pitcher Julio Teheran throws his first pitch to Bradley. You cannot see where the catcher is set up, so you have no clue if Teheran missed his spot. Do you want to see what Bradley is doing as he recognizes the spin on the ball and begins his swing? Too bad.

The pitch is now closer to Bradley - but you have to trust me on that because the ball is pretty much completely out of the camera shot. You can sort of see a bit of the ball above the catcher's mitt. I must stress that this is the full-screen picture NESN was showing.

Bradley makes contact with the ball. Are you curious about the bat angle or the placement of JBJ's shoulders or head? ... You shall remain curious.

Finally, NESN gives us a great shot of Bradley's follow-through. Just kidding! We do see close to 50% of JBJ's body. Unfortunately, it is the uninteresting half at this point. ... But look - the umpire's knee!

Please remember: This is the work of a professional broadcasting network currently in its 35th year of showing baseball games.

I truly do not understand the point of this: WHY DOESN'T THE PRODUCER TELL THE CAMERA PERSON TO NOT ZOOM IN SO GODDAMN MUCH? Pull back a bit and we would still get a very tight shot of what happened and we'd be able to see the batter as he hits the ball - which I figured was the main point of showing the replay. But I don't work in TV, so I could be way off base.
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Do you think you possess a strong hatred for the Yankees? Jere hates them more. A lot more. He has hated things about the Yankees for years that you don't even know exist. Are you fed up with the Boston sports media's relentless negativity (even as the Red Sox have the best record in MLB)? Jere is more fed up than that. Way. More. Fed up.

One of the many bees that comprise the swarm in Jere's Red Sox bonnet is NESN's overhead and city shots, which are used as bumpers before a new half-inning. He has posted several times that the shots are usually not live and almost never from the day of the game being played. (I posted one example of my own recently.)

Tonight, he posted pictures showing that NESN's outside-Fenway shot last night was actually at least three years old!
NESN continues to deceive the audience. They've been showing "Boston at night" shots during games. I've had my suspicions. Tonight, they outed themselves. Check out the retired numbers. No 45, 26, or 34! This shot is from 2015 at the LATEST. Compare to Street Views (2017).

From 2017:

Pedro's #45 was retired on July 28, 2015. (David Ortiz's and Wade Boggs's ceremonies were in 2017 and 2016, respectively.)

A woman in the top shot is wearing a heavy coat, so this was likely from an evening in the early weeks of the season. Jim Rice's #14 was retired in July 2009, so it could have been as long ago as 2010. NESN wanted you to believe that shot was from outside Fenway Park last night, but it was most likely filmed some time between April 2010 and April 2015.


Jere said...

Thanks, guy. That was awesome.

Side note: In post-game that night, while showing another (probably) old night shot of Boston, TC said, "beautiful night in Boston." And he must know they didn't put a camera outside and just let it roll all night even well after the game. So it seems they are willingly deceiving the audience.

allan said...

In post-game that night, while showing another (probably) old night shot of Boston, TC said, "beautiful night in Boston." ... it seems they are willingly deceiving the audience.

What he meant to say: "It's a beautiful night in Boston. ... It was also a beautiful night in Boston on September 16, 2012, as you can see from that shot."