May 12, 2018

Remy Questions How Close A Baserunner Was To Second Base. NESN Shows Two Replays From A Different Part Of The Field. Remy Gives Up.

In Saturday's game post, Steve asked me:
Did you see that awful zoomed replay of Mookie's infield hit in the 7th? Jerry was talking about how he was surprised the shortstop didn't go to second to get Vaz. They went to two different angles and, in both of them, you couldn't even see Vaz going into second because both cameramen zoomed so close on the fielder.
I had not seen the replays, so I went back and looked. ... It's laughable. It isn't really a case of super-zooming like NESN usually does, where you can count the stitches on the ball, but have absolutely no idea what the batter is doing as he swings the bat. In this case, NESN showed two replays of a different part of the field, along with a player who had no connection to what Jerry Remy was discussing.

With Mookie Betts on first, Christian Vazquez hit a grounder into the hole. Blue Jays shortstop Gio Urshela ranged to his right, came up like he might make a jump-throw, but held onto the baseball.

Here's Remy:
That's a little surprising there. I thought he had a chance at second base to get Vazquez. We know he had no chance at first base, but let's see [replay starts] - if he makes a jump throw to second - does he have a chance to get a force out there? He didn't think so, but Vazquez was just kind of walking into second base.
Let's take a look from a different angle [second replay starts, from high home camera].
We'll see if I'm correct or incorrect! I am ...
... still don't know.
And that was the end of that.

When the Red Sox challenged the "out" call at third, Remy and Dave O'Brien moved on.

Wikipedia states that NESN "has provided coverage of the Boston Red Sox's Major League Baseball games since the network's initial spring training game broadcast upon its March 21, 1984 launch."

This is NESN's 35th season showing Red Sox games. And it still can't do the basics: show every pitch, show close plays on the bases, show attempted pickoff throws to first base, show informative replays, competently follow fly balls to the outfield ...


allan said...

And from JPS:
"NESN can't figure out how to show us a pickoff attempt, but when they're NOT trying to show a fan on the field, they somehow do."

grahams said...

NESN's specialty is not showing things, though, so of course they are great at not showing the idiot on the field....

hrstrat57 said...

Been especially bad commentary lately - lazy and often downright stupid.

Both kinda mailing it in.

Need way more Eck.....