May 9, 2018

While Watching NESN: Do Not Trust Anything Dave O'Brien Says

NESN's Dave O'Brien, as Mookie Betts led off Wednesday night's game against the Yankees (top of the first inning):
The Red Sox remain one of the top 5 toughest teams to strike out in the American league, but lately a lot of 10 or more strikeout games.
Some facts:

1. While the Red Sox struck out 14 times last night, it was their only game in more than a week with 10+ strikeouts (six games).

2. There was a stretch last month (April 21-28) in which the Red Sox struck out 10+ times in six of seven games (and had nine whiffs in the other game).

3. In the two weeks since April 28 (i.e., "lately"), Boston batters have had seven or fewer strikeouts in seven of their last nine games.

The Red Sox's batters' game logs for the entire season are below.

My advice: Do not trust anything Dave O'Brien says.


allan said...

And after I post this, I turn the game back on and immediately hear O'Brien say that the Red Sox are 19-8 (since the beginning of 2017) when Sandy Leon drives in a run. O'Brien calls him "a good luck charm".

allan said...

O'Brien also said that "about half" of New York's runs in their have been scored in 7th inning or later. It's actually only 40.8% (45 of 110 runs). ... But maybe I'm being picky about that one.