March 25, 2005

Because You Have Too Much Free Time ...

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I'm late to post this, but that doesn't make it any less fucked up. Some 5th- and 6th-graders in Acton want the Yankees and Red Sox to shake hands before Opening Day at Fenway on April 11. And why is that?

It seems that while the Red Sox were executing the greatest comeback in the history of sports, some of the young Yankee fans were "intimidated ... afraid to wear their Yankees hats. Things were just crossing the line from respectful and fun." That's according to teacher Ed Kaufman, who just happens to be -- surprise! -- a Yankee fan.

Eric Wilbur slaps this idea aside:
This isn't about sportsmanship. It's about Yankee immunity in New England. ... Hey, Yankee fans. You lost. Deal with it. We're awfully sorry some of you have had to suffer through five whole months of verbal torture, the very same Red Sox Nation received from your side for the better part of 86 years. You sure could dish it out when the time was right.

We all know someone or have encountered, at one time or another through our lives, similar Yankee fans. These young Red Sox fans in Acton probably got the same kinds of comments from their Yankee fan classmates prior to the New York collapse. And it is only a problem now? Nice try folks.

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