March 31, 2005

WS 1: Red Sox 11, Cardinals 9

After this game (played October 23), I posted a long recap. Random jottings from a rewatching:

Red Sox pitchers who have pitched Game 1 of World Series at Fenway Park:
1967 - Jose Santiago v. Cardinals; Boston lost 2-1
1975 - Luis Tiant v. Reds; Boston won 6-0
2004 - Tim Wakefield v. Cardinals; Boston won 11-9
The Red Sox opened on the road in 1912, 1915, 1946 and 1986; they began the 1916 in Boston, but at Braves Field.

In 2004, Johnny Damon led the major leagues with 90 two-out hits. ... Mark Bellhorn hit .219 with the bases empty this season and .301 with men on base. ... After Keith Foulke nails it down, Fox's Chris Myers asks him how it feels to have won Game 1 of the World Series? Foulke smiles and says it beats being down 0-3.

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