March 2, 2005

Translation. I received an email from one reader offering "a very rough translation" of the Korean Red Sox comic I posted a few days ago. The full comic is here.

Manny Ramirez: Genius Batter!
"Yeah ... yeah ... Yoo!"
"Ha ... ha!"
"The tough guy dominates over the cute boys!"

Curt Schilling: The ambition of the 2nd man!
"No Randy, no Clemens?!! Pedro's lost his power. Hehe ... I will take this year's AL season!"

David Ortiz: Shrek ... and ...
"He he!"
"This is crazy! Why am I the ass?! This doesn't make sense!"

Pedro Martinez: Request for naturalization (citizenship)
"Where did you come from again?"
"I've come from the planet P45."

Keith Foulke: Going at the slowest pace
"Slowest pace, huh? Hehe!"
"Well, how else would you describe him?"
"Shut up!"

Johnny Damon: The new evolution

Derek Lowe: The loss of will
"Run! Run! Your legs will hurt, not mine!"
Allowed steals: 34 times (1st place), Lost points as pitcher 138 points (1st place)


The US Fund For UNICEF is conducting an online auction to benefit Tsunami relief. The Red Sox have donated several items, including the chance to throw out the first pitch at a game this season. Check it out here.

New Blog: Jeff in Oklahoma is The Exiled Sox Fan. ... Further spring cleaning: I removed a few blog links (and updated a few more), specifically those who hadn't been updated since last year's playoffs. I think it's safe to say those are dead.

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