March 31, 2005

Kim Traded To Rockies; Myers Returns

Byung Hyun Kim has been traded to the Rockies. This was one of the few Epstein deals that simply didn't work out. Theo: "It's a mystery. It has us totally befuddled. There's no physical problem. I just don't think he's responded to the pressure of playing in Boston and I take responsibility for that." ... Good luck in Colorado, BK.

And Mike "One of The 25" Myers, who signed with the Cardinals as a free agent, has rejoined the Red Sox, giving Tito three lefties in the pen (Alan Embree, John Halama).

From an excerpt from Dan Shaughnessy's book on the 2004 season: "During the meaningless late innings [of ALCS Game 3], three customers walked into the Twins Enterprise souvenir store on Yawkey Way and switched allegiances. They bought Yankee caps. The unbearable heaviness of being a Red Sox fan had simply become too much."

I call bullshit -- CHB must have been in the press box during the entire game. So who told him this? Who are these "fans"? I say this is fiction, but it fit his Curse Storyline too nicely to ignore.

Red Sox at Yankees

April 3: David Wells / Randy Johnson
April 5: Matt Clement / Carl Pavano
April 6: Tim Wakefield / Mike Mussina

Yankees at Red Sox

April 11: Wakefield / Mussina
April 13: Bronson Arroyo / Kevin Brown
April 14: Wells / Johnson

It's possible that Curt Schilling will pitch on either the 13th or 14th. ... Also on Opening Day at Fenway: Johnny Pesky, Dom DiMaggio and Bobby Doerr will be in uniform.

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