March 24, 2010

Pedroia Sprains Wrist; X-Rays Today

Dustin Pedroia sprained his left wrist diving for a ground ball in yesterday's game against the Twins. He will have some precautionary X-rays today. Terry Francona: "There's limited swelling."

Clay Buchholz had a rough start: 1.1-4-6-3-2, with three wild pitches. Once guys got on base, "I knew they were going to run because just about all of them are pretty quick on the bases. I started thinking too much about them running and making a certain pitch at a certain time. I paid for it."

Manny Delcarmen's fastball is still topping out at only 92. Boof Bonser felt tightness in his right groin on Monday.

The Sox sent Michael Bowden, Ramon A. Ramirez, and Aaron Bates to Pawtucket. Peter Abraham looks at who might fill the final few roster spots.

Josh Beckett faces the Pirates today.


Amy said...

Damn, can't you lie a little and give us at least SOME good news? This is one awfully depressing post...

Zenslinger said...

OK, good news:

Pedroia's wrist is fine.

Beckett did great against the Pirates today.

Whatever the bullpen uncertainties are, there are lots of options to fill spots.

Can't help you on Buchholz, however. I worry a little about his head. If neither he nor Dice-K is functional, our vaunted rotations going to look quite a lot less shiny.

Amy said...

Thanks, Zen. I feel much better. You are so....zen.

Zenslinger said...

I wish I was a lot more so. But you're very welcome!

Unknown said...

FYI Amy, Zen wasn't just lying to make you feel better either. Petey's x-rays were clean according to, and he lobbied to play today (thursday), but Tito is resting him 1 more day. He'll start tomorrow.
Dice is making his 1st start this afternoon. Obviously he's behind in terms of readiness for the start of the season, I just hope he's back on track. A couple of weeks late is one thing, another crappy season though....
Not liking the Clay news at all however. C'mon kid, get it together!