September 16, 2010

Jagger Explodes!

Plus, I hear there are a few other chaps on stage with him, helping with the delivery!

Ladies & Gentlemen -- tonight!


allan said...

I am hoping that Jagger added no 2010 vocals.

tim said...


Can't wait to get my rocks off in 1 hr from now!

allan said...

Fucking great!!!

For some reason, the theatre had the volume set at maybe 60% of what I would have wanted. That was a serious drag, but parts of it were just about loud enough.

I'll have to crank the bootleg or get the DVD and blast that. Smaller screen at home, but fuck it.

Also -- I fully expected a crowd and a line. And there was nothing! We got there early, sat around and ate some shitty food, then when the theatre doors open, we walked in first. No one else was around! It filled up a bit -- maybe 100 people. Mostly old farts like us.

I am curious what a younger person who has not seen this footage before thought.

tim said...

I am curious what a younger person who has not seen this footage before thought.

*bursts through the door*


I have similar complaints about the volume, some dude went and bitched about it after Brown Sugar and they turned it up a bit, but still not enough. I agree that there were parts where the volume seemed to be good.

Same thing about the attendance. We didn't get there until 7 and I thought we'd be screwed for seats. But there were only maybe 30-40 people in the theatre.

As for the show itself, I thought it started off slow and they really got cooking a few songs in. Brown Sugar was Brown Sugar, I would've liked to see them wind it out a bit more though like they did with some other tunes. Bitch started to pick it up, then it kicked ass all the way to the end.

Love in Vain, All Down The Line, and Midnight Rambler were probably my faves. Dead Flowers was good too. I was surprised at the lack of Rocks Off and thought there would be more Exile tracks since it WAS the Exile tour. I was hoping for a little Sweet Black Angel and some of the other songs on the masterpiece. But all the tunes played were from their best era, IMO, so I was still satisfied with the set list. Just thought there would be more Exile and less Sticky Fingers etc.

And again with the stones only willing to give an inch as opposed to a mile. I feel like releasing a three hour rockapalooza would've been so much sweeter as opposed to this one hour and twenty minute movie. It was just a taste, but a damn good one at that. They just love to leave you wanting MORE.

This review seems totally negative, but I did enjoy it. Watching them live at their peak was so good, and I wish I could've been there. Seeing them now would be shit. And of course, I would've enjoyed the movie that much more had it been cranked. Which will happen after it comes out on dvd or blu-ray or whatever.

One other beef - too much of Mick's pelvis thrusts and face. I would've enjoyed seeing more of the band play, especially on solos and stuff.

I am also now extremely pissed that Mick Taylor cancelled his gig I was supposed to go to in Hamilton last year.

laura k said...

I am also now extremely pissed that Mick Taylor cancelled his gig I was supposed to go to in Hamilton last year.

I doubt he still plays like that, tho!

Love In Vain was amazing. Really - chills.

Volume, bad. Certain conventions of 1970s filmmaking, bad. Music, great. Band, great. Keith, Bobby Keyes, omg. Mick, omg omg.

laura k said...

Tim, where did you see it?

(Your comment posted 4 times, btw. I hope I put the right one through!)

Oh yeah: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're done!!!

laura k said...

Mostly old farts like us.

Yes, but are they married or nonmarried? Do they go outside? Live in basements? Read comic books? These are the things we must know!

tim said...

Thanks L!

I emailed allan about the comment issue, they were all the same comment, google kept telling me it was too large or something. Glad you put it thru!

I saw the film at a silver city theatre here in hamilton with pops.

I'll let you get back to your heated Dungeons and Dragons battle, I've got a game of Warcraft to attend to.

allan said...

L was knocked out by LIV. So was I. But I also know that they did that with that song every fucking night, from 69-72. Ridiculous. On the way out, I was saying that even with the opening 4-5 songs, the rockers, LIV stole the show. It is lean, nothing is wasted, Jagger enunciates precisely with no flash ...

A clip of Brown Sugar I have seen from the MSG shows about a month later, that ended the tour, was much better (it starts at 2:15). Also, you can hear the piano and sax really well.

(Speaking of BS, here is Jagger doing a phenonminal live vocal over the studio cut on Top of the Pops, 1971.)

Yeah, too many closeups -- I needed more of the side shots from the Wyman/Keith side when they were all going great guns. And the ecstasy Keith is in during the end of JJF when he is back by charlie, riffing away like a madman. He really got going during the last few songs.

And seeing him and Jagger singing together and -- much more importantly -- interacting with each other, smiling, ENJOYING each other. At the end of JJF, I think, Jagger gives Keith a look of genuine surprise and awe. Not sure what Keith did different, but it was pretty cool.

It is strange what volume will do. The beginning of Bitch sounded like it was in the next room -- it should have sheared our heads off. At the times it got louder, everything sounded so much better, more powerful. All Down The Line and Bye Bye Johnny should have been unstoppable locomotives ...

And I can't believe I'm saying this -- one of my 10 Commandments is Never Speak Bad About 72 -- but I think Jagger was clearly "better" in 1969. At least on these June 72 shows vs the Ya-Yas shows at MSG in November 69. He is younger, sexier and commands (OWNS!) the stage with such a minimum of movement - it is breath-taking. I mean, look at this and this and this. Good god!

I am babbling. Bedtime.

tim said...

Yes, Keith definitely looked to be in the zone during the latter half of the movie, it was great to watch. The parts where he was singing with Mick, especially on JJF were incredible and I really enjoyed watching the chemistry and basically euphoria occurring on the stage.

I was disappointed with Bitch and Brown Sugar, likely cause of the volume, but I also have some live mp3 of Bitch which absolutely kicks ass, complete with a great horns section. I have no idea what/when its from, I think its from that Four Flicks thing they put out a few years back. But I love listening to that loud, and felt the movie was lacking, probably due to the sound. There's also a great version of Rocks Off from the same show I have. This is back when I dabbled in newsgroups for downloading, and found some kickass stones stuff somewhere. I wish I had downloaded all of the songs, as opposed to a few that I was into at the time. Oh well, maybe I can find it around somewhere. Very good sound quality and the band is tight.

tim said...

Yup, four flicks from 2003. Ugh, well, it sounds great at least.

allan said...

maybe I can find it around somewhere.

If it's from 69-73, I probably have it. ... Or know where to get it.

tim said...

this show gave me a new appreciation for the 1972 rocks off show mp3s you posted way back when, similar setlist to the movie.

cranked that on the drive back to kitchener tonight!

tim said...

also, for some reason i thought we were going to see Stones in Exile, which i've been dying to see since they showed about half of it on jimmy fallon back in may.

i am surprised to find out that it is actually out on dvd, for 12.99! that'll be tomorrow's post game treat.