September 25, 2010

Schadenfreude 98 (A Continuing Series)

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
It has seemed for a while that the Yankees have not been going all-out to win the American League East. But after another dismal night in the Bronx, is it getting tight enough for them to start wondering when - or if - they will clinch the wild-card spot? ...

One night after CC Sabathia got rocked by the Rays, Pettitte's brief, ineffective effort has to raise some red flags inside the Yankees' clubhouse ...
George A. King III, Post:
Considering Pettitte missed close to two months at the age of 38, it's easy to rationalize he would need time to adjust. Time, however, isn't on the Yankees' side. ...

[Pettitte] is concerned that his cut fastball, once his signature pitch, hasn't surfaced since his groin healed.
Mike Vaccaro, Post:
If you are inclined toward panic ... Pettitte recorded 10 outs, for instance, and surrendered 10 hits, not usually a recommended daily allowance of either if you are a starting pitcher. He threw 75 pitches ... and only 46 of them were strikes, and almost none of them were delivered with the kind of command Pettitte is used to.

These are uncomfortable times around the Yankees, and with reason. The Rays won again last night, so the Yankees awaken this morning, officially, as a second-place team again. The Red Sox [can] ... maybe throw a genuine jolt of concern at the Yankees with a sweep.
Tim Smith, Daily News:
[A]fter watching Sabathia and Pettitte struggle, jittery Yankee fans will start wringing their hands even more. ... If the two lefties don't come through in the playoffs, the Yankees are doomed ... the Bombers won't make it out of the first round. ...

And with Ivan Nova dueling Jon Lester Saturday and Moseley pitching instead of Hughes Sunday night, [the Red Sox] could make this a nightmare weekend for the Bombers.
Mark Feinsand, Blogging the Bombers:
Based on the tweets and e-mails I've seen, you'd think the Red Sox passed the Yankees in the standings tonight along with the Rays.


allan said...

Why not?

mattymatty said...

One game at a time. Lets put a scare into the MFY! GO RED SOX!!

laura k said...

Lovely S'freude today, containing all of the following words in relation to NYY:
start wondering if they will clinch
wringing their hands
nightmare weekend
this lovely phrase: "Based on the tweets and e-mails I've seen, you'd think the Red Sox passed the Yankees in the standings tonight along with the Rays."

Go Sox, Go Rays!!!