September 9, 2010

Ladies And Gentlemen ...

Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Rolling Stones -- the much-bootlegged concert film of the Stones' 1972 American Tour -- is finally being officially released on DVD, on October 12.

But first, there will be a one-night-only showing of the film in select theaters throughout North America: Next Thursday, September 16.

And I have two tickets to the showing in Etobicoke ... I feel like a kid who is going to his first circus!

(I considered watching the boot beforehand, but I think that might ruin some of the excitement. As a 1972 Tour Trainspotter, I know the set list, but the magical moments of brilliance and interplay should probably be as fresh as possible. So I'll stick with these clips: All Down The Line and Happy.)


allan said...

I think I bust a button on my trousers.

tim said...

Thanks for this. Definitely going, perfect timing too - right after the last day of my exam.

Might have to smuggle a couple frosties into the theatre though.

allan said...


Indeed. A nice low-level buzz will complement things nicely.

laura k said...

I can't wait!