April 13, 2011

G12: Rays at Red Sox, PPD

Globe, 3:11 PM: The game has been rained out.
Rays    - 
Red Sox - 
James Shields / John Lackey

Peter Gammons, Mut & Merloni (WEEI):
I think everyone is completely shocked. I don't get a sense of anger as much as, "What in the world is going on here?" I liken it to what's going through Albert Pujols' mind when he's hitting about .170 right now [.200/.260/.267], going, "This is impossible." A lot of weird things have happened.
Gammons also thought the Red Sox might attempt to call off tonight's game because of the expected rain, as well as for a day off. "A couple of days of breathers wouldn't be a bad thing at this point."

However, the opposite point -- sitting around and stewing for an extra 24 hours (off day on Thursday) about getting off to the worst start in franchise history* before playing again probably isn't a good idea, either -- is equally valid.

* Worst start after 11 games, that is, tied with 1925, 1927, and 1996.
AL East: Blue Jays/Mariners, 3:30 PM; Orioles/Yankees, 7 PM


Jere said...

Well they called off tonight's game. But I don't buy Gammons' theory at all. The team always used to wait things out, open the gates, THEN call it off. Today they've called it off well before gates. And since this year's deal is that some gates are opening later and you're more restricted as to where you can go, meaning less employees on duty during pre-game, it makes sense that they'd call games off before gates open at all, so they don't have to pay anybody any extra hours. Just my theory.

allan said...

I would agree with that, unless the forecast was *so* bad, that very few people would show up when gates opened (and buy beer, etc.)

Benjamin said...

May these cool spring rains wash away the suck.

allan said...

May these cool spring rains wash away the suck.

Is a tsunami in the forecast?

johngoldfine said...

Can't speak for Boston, but it certainly would not be possible to play ball in my corner of New England tonight.

When things are going bad for me, I want to dive right back in and turn them around, even when I strongly suspect that a little time off would be a better tactic. In any case, I doubt the game was ppd for any larger reason than suck-ass weather.

Jere said...

Yeah that's one possibility, that it's just a guaranteed wash-out, but it seems like a dozen times last year they had rain and every time said the same thing: Gates will be open, we'll monitor it.

andy said...

At least Lackey can't get up to a 20
ERA tonight.

andy said...

Gammons sucks. Stooped to bullshit to get attention.

allan said...

At least Lackey can't get up to a 20 ERA tonight.

No, not tonight.

Amy said...

We are guaranteed NOT to lose tonight! Now that's something to be happy about, even if it means no Red Sox game to watch tonight.

RedSoxDiehard said...

I'm just happy that this changes the rotation so that when I go on Sunday, I'll see Lester instead of Dice-K.