April 2, 2011

Lou Gorman (1929-2011)

Lou Gorman, who grew up as a Red Sox fan in Rhode Island and was the team's general manager from 1984-1993, died yesterday at the age of 82. From the Globe's obit:
In a baseball career that spanned more than four decades, beginning with the Orioles, then with the Royals, Mariners (as their first general manager), and Mets, Mr. Gorman help build World Series winners. He oversaw player development for Baltimore when it won the title in 1966, and worked as the player personnel director with the Mets from 1980 to 1983, helping to build the team that would take down his own Sox in that 1986 World Series.
Back in 1987, an angry Roger Clemens (who was in a contract dispute) walked out of spring training camp. Gorman was asked for his opinion. "The sun will rise, the sun will set, and I'll have lunch."
Adrian Gonzalez stole the second base of his career yesterday, not even drawing a throw from Texas catcher Yorvit Torrealba. His first theft -- which occurred on April 28, 2009 -- was also against Torrealba -- and Torrealba did not make a throw that time, either. In his next at-bat, leading off the sixth, Gonzalez had this conversation with Torrealba:
"Do you realize my only two career stolen bases are against you?"


"That's why I like you so much."
Jon Lester, on giving up a home run to Ian Kinsler, the first batter he faced this season:
Second pitch of the game, I'm going to throw a fastball. I'm not going to screw around. I'd rather give up a solo home run than a walk.
If Lester had wasted a pitch, the count would have been 2-0; a walk is not guaranteed. In 2010, Lester had a 2-0 count on 118 batters, and he ended up walking 37 of them (31.3%). Lester has had 522 2-0 counts in his career, with 160 eventual walks (30.6%).

And I would think you would ALWAYS rather put someone on first base -- even the leadoff hitter of the inning -- than allow a run. From 1952-2009, a leadoff walk scored 38% of the time, while a leadoff home run scored 100% of the time.

Yesterday's losing pitcher, John Lackey Daniel Bard:
Take out the walk and I think I threw the ball well. I know it's a cliché, but I'm happy with the pitches I made. They're a really tough offense. They put together some good at-bats. I'm not overly upset with how I threw the ball.
After the walk, the next five batters went: single, double, K, double, double.
I just saw the cover of the Daily News Baseball Preview:
On Opening Day in the Bronx, Yankee fans enjoyed a tasty lunch: Pasta Diving Jeter.


Gregory Lynn said...

I need a recipe for Pasta Diving Jeter because I'd love to serve it at a World Series party.

allan said...

It has a lot of ingredients that don't show up in the recipe.