April 6, 2011

Well, At Least It's A Current Reference

I often chide sports columnists for making woefully out-of-date cultural references, but in this case, the reference -- which we may be reading for years -- is brand new:

Scott Lauber, Herald, April 6, 2011:
At about 8 last night, a few blocks from Progressive Field, Charlie Sheen appeared at the downtown Stage Theatre armed with a catchphrase that has been foreign to the Red Sox: Winning!
Peter Abraham, Globe, April 6, 2011:
As the Red Sox played the Cleveland Indians here last night, Charlie Sheen and his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour were at the State Theater only a short distance away. Here's some more truth: The Sox are more of a mess than the drug-addled actor at this point as they were beaten, 3-1, by the Indians.
Dan Shaughnessy, Globe, April 4, 2011:
So far, this looks a little like the Charlie Sheen Torpedo of Truth tour. Is it possible to be mathematically eliminated before you play your home opener?
Chuck Yarborough, Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 6, 2001:
That's right, Cleveland is at .500 on the season, and Boston isn't winning any more than Charlie Sheen is.
Jayson Stark, ESPN, April 5, 2011:
The 2011 baseball season hasn't been in progress much longer than the Charlie Sheen Madness Tour. So it's time to remember what your dad always told you: Beware of small samples.
Paul Rados, Yahoo!, April 6, 2011:
I was surprised to see only 9,025 fans in the stands for a game against the Red Sox. I suppose 42-degree weather in early April is a deterrent for some. Perhaps it was the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game against the Charlotte Bobcats next door or the other two events — musical Les Miserables' opening night or Charlie Sheen's eclectic show.
Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston, April 5, 2001:
With temperatures expected to drop into the 30s Tuesday night, and a brisk wind blowing, only the hardiest souls are expected to show up at Progressive Field. Basketball’s Cavaliers are playing next door in Quickens Arena, and Charlie Sheen’s tour also is in town.
Geoffrey W. Challen, The Harvard Crimson, April 6, 2011:
You get a first sense of the amount of attention paid to teaching at the College by the fact that Harvard felt the need to launch a "Teaching and Learning Initiative." You don't hear about the Red Sox launching a "Winning the World Series Initiative" or Charlie Sheen launching a slightly simpler "Winning Initiative" - winning is a core part of their identities, not something they have to initiate.


mattymatty said...

Oh good lord...

allan said...

It beats a reference to MC Hammer or a SNL catchphrase from 2002.

Zenslinger said...

Or references to the goddam Curse.

allan said...

CHB alluded to curses less than a week ago.

I also added his Sheen reference from a couple of days ago.