April 14, 2011

Ortiz: Players Are Frustrated And Worried

David Ortiz won't lie: The Red Sox are worried.
Things are just not coming the way we expected, but right now, everybody's trying to change things around. ... I know that it's early in the season, but it's the Red Sox, man. I look at it, and it's frustrating. We need to take over and do our thing. Our coaches, our front office, they did what they're supposed to do. Now it's up to us ... Over time, things are going to get better because it can't get no worse. The only choice we have is to get better, right?
Jon Lester does not think the team is pressing:
[I]f we had a younger team I'd probably say "yeah". We have plenty of guys that I'm sure at some point in their career they've been in something like this or been in a slump like they're in right now or not throwing the ball like they should.
Jed Lowrie:
I've had a few years in big leagues, and a few in minor leagues as well. If I've learned anything, you learn that discipline, that constant approach of no matter what's going on through time. ... to maintain that level head through all the BS ... not getting down when times are bad and not getting too high when things are good.
Even if the players are pressing -- trying to hit six-run homers or throw the ball 125 mph -- at some point, they will pass through that stage, say "fuck this", and give up and stop caring (in a good way), and simply play for the hell of it. And that's when the hits and runs and wins will come.

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FenFan said...

Take three-of-four from the Blue Jays this weekend and you jump to 5-10. Reason to celebrate? Maybe not, but this team has the potential and it's not outside the realm of possibilities.