October 27, 2011

Cardinals Win A Historic Game 6

Rangers   - 110 110 300 20 -  9 15  2
Cardinals - 200 101 012 21 - 10 13  3

Matthew Leach, MLB.com:
The Cardinals trailed five times in the game, including by two runs in the ninth and again in the 10th, but an irrepressible club kept coming back. ... The win means that the World Series will go to a seventh game for the first time since 2002. ...

The Cardinals overcame one of their sloppiest games of the year for one of their most improbable wins. They committed three errors plus a costly wild pitch, lost a runner on a critical pickoff and had trouble for much of the night turning baserunners into runs. But after repeatedly getting down to their final turn at bat, they simply would not die.
The Rangers did not trail in the game after the top of the second inning - until David Freese hit his game-winning home run in the bottom of the 11th!

This was only the third time that a team came back to win a World Series game after being one out from elimination:
1911 Game 5 - New York Giants beat Philadelphia A's (but lost Game 6)
1986 Game 6 - New York Mets beat Boston Red Sox (and won Game 7)
2011 Game 6 - St. Louis Cardinals beat Texas Rangers (??)
The home team has won the last eight Game 7s:
1982 - Cardinals 6, Brewers 3
1985 - Royals 11, Cardinals 0
1986 - Mets 8, Red Sox 5
1987 - Twins 4, Cardinals 2
1991 - Twins 1, Atlanta 0 (10)
1997 - Marlins 3, Cleveland 2 (11)
2001 - Diamondbacks 3, Yankees 2
2002 - Angels 4, Giants 1
The last visiting team to win a Game 7 was the 1979 Pirates, who beat the Orioles 4-1. Pittsburgh trailed in that series 1-3 and won the last three games.


Amy said...

That was definitely an exciting game! It reminded me of Game 6 of 1975. Let's hope the Cardinals have better luck in their Game 7 tonight than the Sox did in 75.

For some reason I could not get into the game thread page last night to join you all, but I hope to be able to be there tonight.

It's amazing to me that even when my team is not in the game, I can still become totally caught up and excited by a baseball game.

Baseball---truly a beautiful thing.

FenFan said...

Unfortunately, I missed what sounded like a great game. Given that a World Series Game 7 seems to only come around every ten years or so, I definitely plan to tune in tonight! Maybe even see you on the JoS board?

Benjamin said...

With a loss tonight, the Rangers would obtain sole possession of 1986.

Amy said...

I don't know, Benjamin---there was nothing last night like the Buckner error at the end of that game in 1986.

It felt more like 1975 to me, but I hope that this time the home team wins Game 7.