October 24, 2011

MLB Will Investigate Clubhouse Drinking

Joe Torre, MLB's executive vice president of baseball operations, says he will investigate the reports of drinking in the Red Sox clubhouse and may institute a ban on clubhouse beer.
If we do happen to bar alcohol from the clubhouses, you have to understand the intent of this thing ... [W]e should be role models for the youngsters and how they behave.
There are 12 or 13 teams (depending on which of the above links you read) that allow adults to consume alcohol in their clubhouses.

Torre was the manager of the Yankees when Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi (reportedly) routinely drank beer in the dugout during games.

Of course, MLB is not so concerned that it would reduce (or even consider reducing) the number of beer commercials shown during broadcasts. No, resurrecting Prohibition is the way to go.


johngoldfine said...

I hate that 'role models for youngsters' stuff. Why shouldn't players have a beer in the clubhouse after the game?

Can't baseball players just be superb physical specimens with extraordinary talent and luck and (sometimes) pluck, who play a wonderful game wonderfully?

Some of them doubtlessly are humans worthy of being role models for a kid, but others are just ordinary shitheels. Does that have to be a MLB secret?

laura k said...

I hate that 'role models for youngsters' stuff.

ME TOO. Such crap.

I'd throw into that mix lots of hard work and dedication - few become professional athletes without those - but why they should be role models is beyond me.

And the hypocrisy of MLB is beyond all of us!

Maurice said...

You need to read Torre's words more carefully. "Investigate" may be a euphemism for "consume". Maybe he always had a hankerin' to be the Red Sox manager and the idea of popping a few a Fenway would let him put that one to bed...

As for steroids,er, I mean the whole role model thing: I don't think beer is the real issue when we have stuff like:


FenFan said...

Should we outlaw champagne celebrations after championship series victories? After all, we don't want to give kids the wrong impression (and, of course, we are referring to kids who have been kept up WAY past their bedtimes, with games starting at 8:05 PM).