October 26, 2011

Would Red Sox Seriously Consider Sabathia?

Anthony Mccarron, Daily News:
While they would never admit it, you have to think the Yankees got a shiver when they heard Tuesday that Boston's John Lackey will miss all of 2012 due to Tommy John surgery, news that could make the winter as sticky as a humid summer for the Yankees. ...

[W]hat if their rich rival makes a play for the Yankees' own ace, CC Sabathia, if - when? - Sabathia triggers the opt-out clause in his contract?

Losing Sabathia to any team would be damaging to a Yankee rotation that has only Phil Hughes, A.J. Burnett and Ivan Nova signed for next season. Losing Sabathia to the Red Sox? Potential baseball disaster. ...

The Red Sox may already have too many big contracts to pursue Sabathia ... If Sabathia opts out, he would be spurning the last four years of his contract, which is slated to pay him $92 million, so he would want more years and more cash.
The rest of Sabathia's MFY deal is 4/92, which is $23 million a year. He had the second highest ERA+ of his career in 2011. In the last two seasons, Sabathia has pitched 237.2 and 237.1 innings.

The last Red Sox pitcher to have 237 IP was Roger Clemens (1996). The last Boston pitcher to do it in consecutive seasons was also Fat Billy (1991-92). That's 20 years ago! However, several Sox pitchers have topped 215 innings recently: John Lackey (215 in 2010), Tim Wakefield (225.1 in 2005), Pedro Martinez (217 in 2004) and Curt Schilling (226.2 in 2004).

Would the Red Sox want to pay the hefty hurler, who turns 32 next July, something like $25 per (5/125? 6/150?!?) through 2016 (or 2017)? Even with slim pickings among free agent starters this winter, I don't think so. (The 2013 FA list is here.)
George A. King III, Post:
By the time two days of meetings in Tampa end tomorrow, the Yankees will develop a plan they hope will keep CC Sabathia from opting out of a contract following the World Series. ...

"Their hope is to present Sabathia with an offer he is agreeable with before he opts out," said a person with knowledge of the Yankees' thinking.
Sabathia has three days following the end of the World Series (a possible Game 7 is scheduled for Thursday) to make his decision. We'll have an opt-out answer no later than November 1.


Pokerwolf said...

If The Big Cheeseburger is opting out of a contract that big....is he really looking for more money?

I imagine he'll try to get it, obviously, but he can pitch anywhere and dominate. But, he can't pitch without media constantly screaming in his ear if he plays for the MFY or the Sox.

Beyond that, if it's not the Sox/MFY, who would pay him? The Dodgers? The Cubs? The Mets? It's a ridiculously short list if one even exists.

allan said...

I assume more years/money. Everything you read says he likes the area and pitching for the Yankees, so why would he turn his back on 4/92?

Presumably to get more for 2016 and beyond - and he'd get a commitment to more $ for 2016 *now* than he would after 2015.

mattymatty said...

No question Sabathia is much better than Lackey, but the dollars would be massive. Plus, even though Lackey and Dice-K won't be pitching next season, they'll still be on the Red Sox payroll to the tune of ~$25M. I can't see Cherington's first big act as GM being another massive contract to an aging pitcher.

9casey said...

We need a pitcher who can make every start.

If they can sign him they have to try.

But that would most likeky leave Bot on the outside looking in.

. And he has shown he can eat a bucket or 2 of chicken and still be effective.

gary said...

I don't see him coming to boston, and I don't want him. Hopefully that works out for me.

hrstrat57 said...

Even after the September train wreck the stripers are still afraid of the sawx?

I love the new reality!!

Ha ha ha!

Section 36 said...

The Sox have to make a significant offer to CC, just to keep the Yankees honest, don't they? Some sort of 100 million toss out. Don't the Yanks have to at least match any offer the Sox might make? There are worse things to get stuck with on the off chance the Yankees actually have a spending limit on him.

Although, if you're a new GM wanting to put a big mark on your team, or an ultra-rich owner wanting to win a fanbase back, I can think of worse moves than stealing the ace (and only) pitcher from your main rival and leaving them in a pathetic heap.

tim said...

If they didn't have the Lackey contract on the books, I'd say absolutely.

But I highly doubt it.

Think he'd be up for a Boston discount based on their clubhouse policies?

"CC - we're offering 3/30 - BUT have you talked to Josh and the Johns about the fried chicken in the dugout on off-days?"

"I heard its fantastic! Where do I sign?"