October 19, 2011

WS107: Rangers - Cardinals

The 107th World Series begins tonight at 8:05 ET in St. Louis (game thread).

              Rangers          Cardinals
G1 - Oct 19 - C.J. Wilson      Chris Carpenter 
G2 - Oct 20 - Colby Lewis      Jaime Garcia
G3 - Oct 22 - Matt Harrison    Kyle Lohse
G4 - Oct 23 - Derek Holland    Edwin Jackson 
G5 - Oct 24 -
G6 - Oct 26 -
G7 - Oct 27 - 
The Cardinals are playing in their 18th World Series. They are 10-7, with their last two titles coming in 1982 and 2006.

The Rangers have been in Texas since 1972. They are 0-1 in World Series play, having lost to the Giants last year.

Beyond the Box Score:
Rangers in 5 ... As of right now, all four St. Louis winning outcomes are less likely than all four likely Texas winning outcomes. We expect Texas to sweep more than we expect St. Louis to win the series in any number of games.
21 of the 25 "experts" at ESPN also pick the Rangers.

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