October 20, 2011

Epstein-to-Cubs Announcement Could Come Today

The Chicago Cubs have received permission from MLB to hold a news conference on Friday to introduce Theo Epstein as the team's new president, if the deal can be completed.

CSN Chicago's David Kaplan, on WEEI:
I think the deal is basically done. ... I would be shocked if I'm not standing at Wrigley Field tomorrow at a press conference. ... They have built Theo up to be the God here. The messiah to come save the Cubs.
However, John Henry told the Globe the two sides are "not close". And the Sun-Times reports that "leak[s] in Chicago early in the day of a deal being nearly done turned out to be premature and appeared to rile Boston brass". A CSN Chicago story posted tonight also says news of a resolution was premature.

ESPNChicago reports that the Red Sox initially asked for shortstop Starlin Castro as compensation. After the Cubs said, "Are you insane?", the Sox suggested Matt Garza. At one point, Boston reportedly proposed that the Cubs take John Lackey's contract (which may have been crazier than asking for Castro).

Minor league players ("solid but not exceptional prospects", says WEEI's Alex Speier) are expected to be the compensation package.

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