May 9, 2019

Look! Up In The Sky!

Jackie Bradley:
I just went back, tracked it, got a good jump on it, timed up my footsteps the way I wanted to and got up there and executed.
David Price:
That should count as a win for him. Shoot, if he doesn't make that catch, we don't win this game. That's Jackie being Jackie. ... He expects to make every catch.
Trey Mancini,Victim of Larceny:
It's kind of hard to do in the moment [tip his helmet in acknowledgement of Bradley], but ... you have respect for your opponents and when they make a play like that you acknowledge it. ... I wanted to do it there, even though it was kind of tough to get the helmet off my head.
Chris Sale:
He just looks like he's supposed to do it. Even after the catch, no emotion. It's like, "Yeah, I planned on it." ... That obviously gives everyone a boost when stuff like that happens.
Brandon Kline, Orioles reliever:
I don't know if he made eye-contact with me or was looking in my general direction, but it felt like his entire torso was over the wall. At one point, it felt like he was almost in the bullpen. It's one of the best catches I've ever seen, that's for sure.
Alex Cora:
We know what he brings defensively every night. Regardless of where he's at offensively, that [his fielding] shows up. He saved the game with that play. ... We know at one point he'll get hot, but defensively, he's a plus.
The 2018 Dodgers made it to the World Series, even though they were:
4-9 on April 14
12-17 on May 1
16-22 on May 11 (after 38 games, the number of games the Red Sox have played)
16-26 on May 16
32-32 on June 9
June 9 was the Dodgers' last day at or below .500. They went 60-39 the rest of the season (.606, a 98-win pace).

The 2019 Red Sox are 19-19. If they play at a .606 pace for the remaining 124 games of the season, they would go 75-49 and end up with a 94-68 record. If they played at the pace they did all last season (.667), they would go 82-42 and have 101 wins.

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SoSock said...

What little I have been able to see of the games in the last couple of weeks have given me a bit of optimism, something I must confess I was lacking after the first month. I really wasn't all that upset about the first 2 weeks, given the grueling road trip with zero off-days they were given to start the season. But when things didn't really improve over the next 2 or 3 weeks I'm afraid I was pretty much writing this one off. Even that first sweep of the Rays didn't feel good as it was followed by 2 straight losses. But after the sweep of the A's I started doing the math. And though a big out-of-town wedding has meant I haven't been able to watch much of the last week's worth of games, what I read and saw after the fact tells me maybe we can return to last year's form after all. And if we do, as Allan's work here shows, we will be in pretty good shape by season's end.