May 9, 2019

Trump Administration Misspells "Red Sox" Twice And Then Refers To Team As "World Cup Series" Champions

The Trump administration misspelled the name of Boston's baseball team as "Red Socks", both on the White House website and on YouTube. After the Rose Garden ceremony, an email was sent out to reporters referring to the Red Sox as "World Cup Series" champions.

"President Trump Welcomes the 2018 World Series Champions The Boston Red Socks to the White House"

Those typos were not fixed for about three hours.

After the ceremony, the White House emailed a transcript of the event to pool reporters with the subject line: "Remarks by President Trump Welcoming the 2018 World Cup Series Champions Boston Red Sox". That awkward title - even without the word "Cup" - was also posted to the White House website.

The Daily News:

Trump's own typos and misspellings are legion. There must be an "unwritten" rule that all White House employees have to be as stupid as Trump.

Also: The night before the ceremony, Trump laughed and joked about murdering migrants at the US border.


allan said...

I wonder how J.D. Martinez and his father Julio (who came to the US from Cuba in 1962) feel about Trump laughing at the idea of shooting migrants to death as they come to the US.

Paul Hickman said...

Expect Anything Different ?

Maxwell Horse said...

Considering the administration, it's genuinely a mystery as to whether this is just more idiocy, or if it's yet another example of Trump's toddler-level spite and shade-throwing.

johngoldfine said...

Socks: either someone with MS stock and not willing to flout Spellcheck or someone with false notions of gentility, determined to show that they, at least, still had some standards, unlike those rowdies the President had so graciously invited....

johngoldfine said...

Maybe it's a general ignorance and hatred of all things blue state:

"Sanders was wise enough to steer clear of athletics, but stumbled nonetheless, touting acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan’s esteemed alma mater: “The Massachusetts Institution of Technology.”"

Hah! What a fuckhead! Again, that has whiff of the faux genteel. Y'know, only the crude and the lower classes are unable to say 'institution' and are forced to say 'institute.' And, fwiw, anyone other than a graduation speaker says, "MIT." Point being, Sarah Sanders, everyone in the world, except your base knows, what MIT stands for.