May 16, 2019

Same As It Ever Was On WEEI And NESN

I missed the games on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday because friends were visiting from Ontario. Watching and listening on Wednesday night, I learned that the goings-on at WEEI and NESN had not changed in my short time away.

Lou Merloni, sitting alongside Joe Castiglione in the WEEI radio booth, seemed to be impersonating NESN's Dennis Eckersley in the top of the third, calling a strikeout by Eduardo Rodriguez "a beautiful thing" and then referring to a "changeup piece". Later on, Merloni seemed to be confused about what time zones were and how they worked.

In about the third inning, Merloni explained (as though he was revealing top secret information) that the Red Sox were not the only team to do something (that everyone knows every team does every day), like adjust their plan at the plate depending on who is pitching. At home, I was going to make a joke about Merloni saying something else blindingly obvious, such as "The Red Sox aren't the only team that has scouting reports, you know" but I kept quiet. Then, in the top of the seventh, Merloni said almost those exact same words about scouting reports. (Was I surprised? No. I was not.)

Joe Castiglione continues to make numerous mistakes about pitch location. One lowlight was a fourth-inning pitch to Rafael Devers that was allegedly "sinking low and away" when it came in above his waist. LOOK at your monitor, Joe, for god's sake!

With Mookie Betts on first in the opening inning, Rockies starter German Márquez threw over to first and Castiglione said what he almost always says ("throw to first, runner back standing"; if he doesn't say that, it's "runner back with a hand tag"), but Betts was actually diving back on his belly as Castiglione said it this time. He did not correct himself.

In the next inning, Castiglione said the count on Devers was "quickly 0-2", when it actually took the same number of pitches every 0-2 count does: two. The count was neither quickly nor slowly 0-2.

Over on NESN, an on-screen graphic in the top of the second stated that the 24 strikeouts by the Rockies on Tuesday night tied both a "franchise high and a season high". Note to NESN: If the 24 strikeouts were the most in any game the Rockies have ever played, then it is unnecessary to also state it was the most strikeouts in a Rockies game in 2019. (Similarly, if you say someone is the first guy in major league history to hit five home runs in a game, you do not need to add that it was also the first five-homer game of his career.)

In the eighth inning, NESN's high-home camera operator thought Rafael Devers hit the ball about 975 feet. ... It was caught in the middle of the warning track.

The members of the Fenway Park grounds crew who update the standings on the left field wall have figured out how to show that a team is 0.5 games out of first place. Usually (always?), the 1/2 would be placed directly above the "4" and "9" and "11" rather than over to the right (where the other fractions always go). ... Now if they could remember that when New York and another team each have the same record, New York should always be listed below the other team, all will be well. (Why don't people who work for the Red Sox know this?)


Jake of All Trades said...

The Rockies struck out 24 times earlier this season (April 12 vs SF in 18 Innings), setting their franchise record. I’m ok with “tied season & franchise high” here since it’s interesting info that the previous record they tied was barely a month old. It would have been more useful to clearly call out the recency & innings difference though. If it were just a franchise record (not a tie) I agree season record would be redundant.

I give Joe C some leeway on catchphrases because of his age and legend, but I do notice he slips a little more into auto-pilot each year. Also seems to get at least one player’s name wrong each series. (He called Charlie Blackmon “Blackburn” a couple of times yesterday.)

Merloni is trying a little too hard, but so far I really like Will Flemming. He’s my early season winner of the “Who Wants To Be Joe’s New Partner?” WEEIdol revolving door contest so far.

allan said...

Where did Sean McDonough disappear to?

I give Joe C some leeway on catchphrases because of his age and legend

Using the same phrase when the runners does get back standing is annoying, but okay. But when the runner dives back on his stomach, "runner back standing" is not allowed leeway. I think Castiglione says it as the pitcher is throwing over, i.e., describing the play before it happens, which very often blows up in the announcer's face. ... Last season, Laura heard Castig call Eduardo Rodriguez "A-Rod" several times during a game.

it’s interesting info that the previous record they tied was barely a month old

"Tied Franchise Record (April 12, 2019, 18 Innings)" would have solved everything.

allan said...

Laura says Merloni reminds her of every loud-mouthed ignoramus from New Jersey that ever sat behind her at a Yankees game and would not shut up.

Jere said...

I checked my own blog photos and can confirm they were doing the 1/2 game thing the *bad* way in: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012... at least on days I was there. I know you've talked about since then, but I can't remember if they had finally changed it to the good way before this year. But at least they appear to be doing it correctly as of now.

Jim said...

I'm all-in on muting NESN and listening to the WEEI feed on my phone. Even the Eck/Remy combo does not overcome my loathing for O'Brien and his non-stop hucksterism. In fact, the radio triggers the nostalgia of my youth, when I'd point it towards where I thought Hartford was and try to pull in WTIC at night for the Sox. Probably the only kid in Kingston,ON. doing it and my buddies thought I was nuts.
Anyway, not looking forward to O'Brien showing up on the radio. We used to get a break from him with the so-called "national" games, but no more, I guess. He must have something on Werner. I find Lewen to be the most annoying--his man-love for Castig is palpable-- but agree with Laura about Merloni's endless comments. Looking forward to the rest of the month and Stros, Yanks and old friend Tito.