May 7, 2019

Ortiz, On Meeting Trump: "It's Like You Are Going To Shake Hands With The Enemy"

David Ortiz:
You don't want to go and shake hands with a guy who is treating immigrants like [expletive] because I'm an immigrant. ... It's like you are going to shake hands with the enemy. ... I'm not saying everything Donald Trump is doing is bad ...
Really, David? What good things has he done? Can you name even one?

Earlier, Ortiz said, "When it comes down to the political side of it I don't know much about politics and things like that."

Ortiz shouldn't say ignorant things like "Not everything Trump does is bad ..." right after admitting he doesn't know much about what Trump has actually done.

Ortiz told WEEI that he agrees with Alex Cora and would skip the White House ceremony, but his decision would not be based on "the political side of it. I think it's more of what is going on." ... But that's politics.

One definition of "politics" is "the activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to influence the way a country is governed" (my emphasis). What is "going on" is what happens when political beliefs stop being simply words and are put into action. Immigrants are treated like shit by Trump's administration because Trump's administration believes immigrants are no better than shit.

Ortiz also seems to say that when both Bush and Obama were in office, things were different, and now things are divided. If he truly believes that, then, yeah, he's pretty clueless.


Unknown said...

I am hugely disappointed in Cora and the many Red Sox players who are not going. Trump is the President. The office deserves to be respected. I am a huge Sox fan, now the shine is off. I would have hoped they could show more class. Won't miss Cora or any other player including Mookie who cant respect our President. Shame on them.

Unknown said...

Last comment critical of the boycott not posted. No big surprise.

allan said...

Last comment critical of the boycott not posted. No big surprise.

Christ. How about a little fucking patience, huh? (Your third comment is not going through, however. You've made your point.)

Your opinion is certainty far from unusual. Many Americans like yourself are infatuated with all levels of authority. (Despite the idea of America (if not the practice) being the exact opposite.) However, the US does not have a King (or other type of dictator) presiding over the grateful citizenry and there is no law stating that fealty must be paid to its rulers. You apparently wish there was.

People often say that Americans have died in the past for the freedoms we have. (That's incorrect, as history tells a much different story, but I won't get into that now.) This freedom was allegedly paid for in blood, but these players cannot exercise that freedom? Why? Because their opinion clashes with yours? Or are those comments merely a demand for worship of the military?

The White House is nothing more than a big building. It holds no special power. Like a baseball bat holds no special power. I could hit a dribbler that might (on a windy day) travel 50 feet. Mookie could grab that same bat and hit a ball 450 feet. The bat itself has nothing to do with either performance. It's the person wielding the bat that makes the difference.

A person who willingly and happily separates many thousands of toddlers and young children from their parents (to mention only one of Trump's inhumane and obscene acts) is not owed an iota of respect. Do you truly believe such a man deserves respect? Merely because of his job title? (I wonder what a president would have to do for you to finally say "Okay, he's crossed the line, now.") I think he should be spat upon by everyone whose path he crosses.

"now the shine is off"

The 2018 season? The Red Sox in general? ... I'm glad I don't think that way. 2004 will never be tarnished for me, no matter what hateful, unchristian, and moronic comments Schilling posts online (in his on-going and extremely convincing portrayal of a demented sociopath).

Maxwell Horse said...

Mr. Unknown, I feel like you're missing the plot a bit. The point of America isn't merely that we have the freedom and ability to hold our elected leaders accountable for their actions and show our displeasure when they're not doing their job. It's that it's our RESPONSIBILITY to voice dissent and show our displeasure. They're supposed to work for us. They're not kings and queens. They're our representatives.

Respect is earned, particularly among politicians. If we mindlessly "respect the office" and genuflect before our leaders like citizens are expected to do in those countries that would-be patriots like to remind us are inferior--such blind deference would, ironically, be profoundly anti-American. It would go against the very principles that make America theoretically great. The Red Sox players, or any citizen, shouldn't feel grovelling gratitude that they get to meet the current occupant of the White House. Rather, he should feel grateful he gets to meet the people whose will and best interests he (ostensibly) is there to serve.

(By the way, hey Allan. Long time no see.)

allan said...

Trump is a repulsive, foul-mouthed, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic bully, a self-absorbed whiner, and a pathological liar who proudly flaunts his ignorance of every subject (including himself) on a daily basis.

A person is not owed respect simply by being born or by making a certain amount of money or by obtaining a certain job. Respect must to be earned. If someone is disrespectful of everyone he meets and everyone he speaks to, if he is disrespectful of the basic ethical and professional standards of his job, he is not owed any respect. If Trump showed an ounce of respect for "the office" and the people with whom he interacts, then your argument might have some merit to someone (not to me; I reject the entire premise). As things presently stand, it does not.


Horse! I'm glad to see you're still alive, you're looking like a saint.

allan said...

Trump jokes and laughs about murdering migrants.

More "respect" for "the office", right?