May 3, 2019

Pawtucket: A Linescore That Begins "8 8"

One of the best linescores of the past month comes courtesy of the Pawtucket Red Sox, who played in Rochester on April 26.
Pawtucket Red Sox   - 881 000 000 - 17 16  0
Rochester Red Wings - 020 000 201 -  5 11  0
There cannot be many other linescores that begin "8 8", but I have seen and read enough baseball to not say it has never happened before.

Pawtucket sent 12 men to the plate in the first inning and 13 in the second. Those 25 batters saw 103 pitches. 16 runs on 11 hits and eight walks. (And two home runs in the second inning by Pawtucket's Josh Ockimey.)

Top 1st
Mike Miller (c) pops out to second.
Brock Holt (bffbbff) walks.
Rusney Castillo (ctf) doubles to center, Holt scores (1-0).
Josh Ockimey doubles to left, Castillo scores (2-0).
Chad De La Guerra (cb) singles to second, Ockimey scores (3-0).
Chad De La Guerra steals second base.
Sam Travis (fbbb) walks.
Passed ball, De La Guerra to third.
Gorkys Hernandez (bbb) walks, Travis to second.
Mound visit.
Wild pitch, De La Guerra scores (4-0), Travis to third, Hernandez to second.
Juan Centeno (bsbffb) singles to right, Travis scores, Hernandez scores (6-0).
Pitching Change: Ryan Eades replaces Chase De Jong. [Chase got chased!]
Jantzen Witte (bcs) strikes out swinging.
Miller (c) doubles to right, Centeno scores (7-0).
Holt (cs) singles to left, Miller scores (8-0).
Castillo grounds out, pitcher to first.
8 runs, 6 hits, 2 walks, 1 wild pitch, 1 passed ball, 1 stolen base, 1 LOB, 12 batters, 43 pitches.
Top 2nd
Ockimey (cf) homers to left (9-0).
De La Guerra (sbbf) called out on strikes.
Travis (cbbbs) walks.
Hernandez (csbbfb) walks, Travis to second.
Centeno (fff) strikes out swinging.
Witte (sbf) doubles to center, Travis scores, Hernandez scores (11-0).
Miller (bccbb) walks.
Mound visit.
Holt (csbbfb) walks, Witte to third, Miller to second.
Pitching Change: D.J. Baxendale replaces Ryan Eades.
Castillo (b) singles to right, Witte scores, Miller scores (13-0), Holt to third.
Ockimey (f) homers to right-center, Holt scores, Castillo scores, Ockimey scores (16-0).
De La Guerra (cfb) singles to pitcher.
Wild pitch, De La Guerra to second.
Travis (bfbcfb) walks.
Hernandez (bb) flies out to center.
8 runs, 5 hits, 5 walks, 1 wild pitch, 2 LOB, 13 batters, 60 pitches.
Josh Ockimey (double, home run, home run), Brock Holt (walk, single, walk), and Sam Travis (walk, walk, walk) each reached base three times. Four other players were on base twice. No player made more than one out in the two innings. Ockimey drove in five runs and Castillo knocked in three. Ockimey scored three runs, and five other players scored twice.

Also: Two weeks earlier (April 13), Rochester played a wild game against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs:
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - 104 042 321 3 - 20 21  2
Rochester Red Wings    - 053 220 230 1 - 18 22  1
There were 15 home runs in this game, including nine by Lehigh. Eight different players had three or more hits and six players drove in four or more runs. All 10 pitchers gave up at least one run.

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