March 27, 2021

Barnes Tests Positive For COVID-19; Andriese Also In Quarantine

Matt Barnes tested positive for COVID-19 today. Reliever Matt Andriese is one of "a few people" now in quarantine, according to manager Alex Cora. The news comes only five days before the start of the season.

Barnes had thrown five shutout innings this spring, allowing only two hits and three walks, with eight strikeouts. Adam Ottavino might be the team's main closer as the season begins.

Cora got the news early Saturday morning:

We just have to be patient throughout the day to get more information about it. Hopefully instead of adding people to it we subtract people from that list, but we have to be very careful . . . You start thinking about, "What if something else happens? Where are we going to be in a few days?" . . . It's one isolated quote-unquote incident. Let's hope that's the case. . . . There's a process and they talk to Matt, what he's done the last three or four days . . . what he did from breakfast to dinner, who he spent more time with . . .

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