March 27, 2021

Male Sportswriter: Breaking News! Female GM (With 30 Years Prior Experience In MLB) Turns Out To Be Smart And Prepared For Her Job!

I should start a new series: "Belated". It would consist of posts I drafted and meant to publish before I got distracted and forgot about the post and then happened to notice it about two weeks later marked "draft" and thought Didn't I post that? or I went looking for the published post only to find out that I never published it. . . . This would be the first post in that series.

Before we start:

Kim Ng has been working in major league baseball front offices for 30 years. Nearly all of the comments are right on point:
If Ng was Black, those reviews would also mention she is "well-spoken" or "articulate". Or perhaps even "clean".

That thread also includes a few comments which prove sexism is so deeply entrenched in American society that it has become invisible to some people. . . . This is water.

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