March 4, 2021

Jackie Bradley Signs 2/24 Contract With Milwaukee Brewers

Jackie Bradley has agreed on a two-year, $24 million deal with the Milwaukee Brewers, according to a source.

Bradley's performance in the field was nothing less than spectacular, but he was often plagued with a noodle bat. JBJ batted over .250 only twice, with his best average coming during last year's shortened season. His on-base percentage topped .350 only once (again, last year).

Bradley's best season was 2016, when he belted 26 dongs and slugged .486, with a WAR of 5.8, but he was an above-league average hitter in only three of his eight seasons in Boston and finished with a .231/.321/.412 batting line.

Ian Browne notes that Bradley, who will turn 31 next month, did not fit into the team's short- or long-term plans.

The first was payroll. The Red Sox have been candid that this is a season of rebuilding the foundation rather than going "all in" for a World Series, and signing Bradley would have put them over the luxury-tax threshold of $210 million.

The second is Jarren Duran. The exciting prospect — who is ranked No. 8 in Boston's system by MLB Pipeline and who is expected to vault into the top five entering this season — sure looks like the center fielder of the future for the Red Sox. He has a nice combination of speed and power, and he is off to a strong start in Spring Training. . . .

[Duran] could be Major League-ready by mid to late season.


FenFan said...

Hard to believe that all three starting outfielders from 2018 are gone... or maybe not. Betts was clearly going to come at a cost and the Sox had to be mindful of the cap, and Benintendi's star had fallen in the past couple of years.

Regarding JBJ, there's no question about his Gold Glove caliber defense, but his bat has always been a liability (.239/.312/.412 over eight seasons). Consider this: when he won the 2018 ALCS MVP, he batted .200 in 19 PAs with four walks, but two of his three hits were HRs.

I wish him nothing but the best.

Paul Hickman said...

Here Here !

FenFan is spot on - arguably 1 of the best CF we have ever seen, but with an average bat at best.

But a Super Top Bloke & you wish him well & he goes with our Thanks & Blessing.