March 10, 2021

NBA Player Uses Anti-Semitic Slur, Later Claims He "Didn't Know What The Word Meant"

Not baseball, but who cares . . .


FenFan said...

strange but true: BBRef uses an auto-generator filename format for its player pages based on the first five letters of the last name and the first two letters of the first name, followed by a two digit number to distinguish between players (e.g., David Ortiz is ortizda01). Unfortunately, they didn't realize immediately what the result would be for Kevin Youkilis, and it wasn't until 2007 that someone notified the sight of this inadvertent ethnic slur. (It didn't help that Youkilis is also Jewish.)

In 2021, you'd have to live under a rock not to realize that it's a slur. Maybe that's where Leonard resides?

allan said...

I remember that well. I can't believe it was 13-14 years ago!
I assume I blogged about it, but there are a lot of posts from 2007.
I'm sad my "Sultan of Sweat" nickname for him never took off.