February 9, 2009

Bill Madden Writes Some Strange Things

While Alex Rodriguez was "drowning his sorrows with Grey Goose and Red Bull in the VIP area at Aura Nightclub in the Bahamas", Bill Madden, long-time columnist of the Daily News, has some advice for the Yankees' front office:
Cut him loose - no matter the cost.
As difficult as it is to imagine eating $270 million, the Bombers will be making a statement, not just for the Yankee brand but for baseball as a whole.

They will be applauded for it.
Yes, Madden is suggesting the Yankees get rid of Slappy while still paying his contract. Reward him for allegedly taking steroids by handing him $270,000,000 for doing absolutely nothing. That'll show him!

Such is the state of American sports writing.


Meanwhile, what would we do without the New York Post?


Gambrinus said...

That's a great picture of Schilling there in the corner.

Unknown said...

Rich people have no taste!

If I could afford to drink at bars in the Caribbean (or if I could afford to drink, at all), I sure as hell wouldn't be drinking Vodka + Red Bull.

Also, why the fuck does Grey Goose cost 425 dollars in the Bahamas? Jesus Christ!

allan said...

That's a great picture of Schilling there in the corner.

I was going to point out that naturally, he has to stick himself into this story, but I figured the pic would make the point by itself.

Also, why the fuck does Grey Goose cost 425 dollars in the Bahamas?

The same reason a $30 bottle of wine costs $80 in a restaurant.

Unknown said...

Baseball Prospectus just released their depth charts. They've got the Sox as a 98 win team. Best record in baseball, and winning the division, of course.

Benjamin said...

Expensive vodka belongs on any list of stupid things to spend lots of money on (especially Grey Goose, which is fairly mediocre by flavorless-diluted-grain-alcohol standards), but I'm not making $270m, so I have a smaller rounding threshold.

The NY Post is going under eventually anyway, so they might as well give us headlines like that before they go. Maybe when they do another Clemens piece, they'll title it "Ass Rocket".

Rob said...

A-Rod just admitted to using the steroids in an interview with Old Hickory on ESPN. I only was able to watch the end of it (but they will re-air it at 6 tonight) but he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 through 2003.

Jere said...

It's official, A-Rod admits to being a cheater, and therefore, a liar.

Doogie said...

How ridiculous. If they wanted to make an example of people, the time to do it was with Giambi who was known to be using while a Yankee! Who got sick and spent half a year on the DL and then returned in a slump and was a whiny little brat about taking a demotion to the minor leagues. If the Yankees wanted to take stand, they had their chance.

And if that wasn't enough, they could have dumped Pettitte and made a stand that way, but he apologized (like Giambi) and all was forgiven. (Actually, better than Giambi since Giambi's apology never referred to any specific wrongdoing). They're a little late to the party on this one. I think they're stuck with him.

The Omnipotent Q said...

How Bill Madden ever got a regular baseball column in any NY newspaper continues to absolutely astound me.

andy said...

The a-hole cover is beautiful. I don't even hate him that much, more of a mild dislike, and I want to hang that on the wall. Just the look on his face is what makes it. Also the inset is him swinging a syringe. How sensationalized it all is.