February 24, 2009

Penny Feels Great

Brad Penny threw live batting practice yesterday. He says he feels great:
Today, for me, answered a lot of questions, mentally and physically. I didn't know what to expect the first time going out there to face hitters, but everything felt great. ...

I had life on my fastball, felt a good rotation on my breaking ball. The splitter was a little erratic, but that will come later in spring.
Penny is on target to start on March 5 and Jonathan Papelbon, who also threw live BP (video), may see game action on March 3.

Julio Lugo is hungry to "ready to get back to the level I was at. ... That's why I get paid so much money -- to do well." (Keep in mind that among AL shortstops with at least 300 PA last year, Lugo's .355 OBP was 2nd best.)

YFSF: "David Ortiz made some waves this spring by advocating again for the acquisition of a big bat to hit behind him in the lineup -- under the theory that without a Manny Ramirez-esque bat protecting him, he will receive no pitches to hit." Paul SF examines whether Ortiz's worries are well-founded.

All home games previously scheduled for 7:05 PM will now begin at 7:10. Larry Lucchino:
During the week approximately 60 percent of our fans enter the ballpark after 6:30 p.m. Moving the starts by even a few minutes will give them a little more time to make it to Fenway Park ... and reach their seats before the first pitch.


Benjamin said...

Hopefully they aren't just preparing to make a 7-11 sponsorship deal like the White Sox did with 7:11 start times.

Later start times wreak havoc on subsequently scheduled programming, but I doubt NESN or ESPN cares.

laura k said...

I was about to write "As long as it's not one minute later..." then I saw Benjamin's comment. What he said.

Ten minutes later should be no big deal for subsequent programming, since baseball doesn't run on a clock.

Now if they can shorten the commercial breaks by even :30 per break...

Patrick said...

I love Ortiz to death, but I wish he'd show more confidence in himself and his offense (aka, STFU).

He needs to get over the mental hurdle of batting in a post Manny lineup.

andy said...

I can't even get over that hurdle myself so should he be able to. That messes with your head, he sucked before Manny and with him he became a legend. Then after Manny he begins a horrible slide due to his health and ended the year on a bad note. Papi is not in a good confidence place right now. He needs to bang out a few homers to really get in his groove. I think it will happen early on. Pitchers will still pitch to him because he is swinging for the fences all the time and strikes out a fair amount. They know he has something to prove so he will be a green light to swing on every pitch. I am most excited about what Pedroia will do to one up his last year's performance.

Rob said...

Oh, cock. Now I have to go back and change all my schedules. Thanks, Larry!

Patrick said...

I agree Andy, and maybe it's unfair, but I wish he'd just get over it.