February 28, 2009

Saturday Doubleheader

A good time was had by all as Boston routed the Reds 16-5. In 14 innings of baseball today, the Red Sox scored 30 runs on 30 hits.
Reds    - 000 100 220 -  5  8  1 
Red Sox - 462 100 03x - 16 20 0
Ian Browne:
Julio Lugo, trying to win the starting shortstop job, went 2-for-3 from the leadoff spot. Captain Jason Varitek drove in four runs, including a two-run double. All of Varitek's production came from the left side, where he hit just .201 last season. J.D. Drew scored twice and had two hits. Jason Bay scored three runs and had two hits. Brad Wilkerson, in competition for a spot on the bench, ripped a two-run homer and added a ground-rule double. ...

Clay Buchholz was sharp in his two innings, giving up a hit and striking out one.

Evening lineup vs Cincinnati:
Julio Lugo, SS
Brad Wilkerson, CF
David Ortiz, DH
J.D. Drew, RF
Jason Bay, LF
Jason Varitek, C
Chris Carter, 1B
Nick Green, 3B
Gil Velazquez, 2B
Clay Buchholz will start the evening game -- followed by Ramon Ramirez, Javier Lopez and Manny Delcarmen.


The Red Sox won the afternoon game 14-0:
Northeastern - 000 000 0 -  0  2  1 
Red Sox - 507 200 x - 14 10 0
Third baseman Angel Chavez hit two home runs, including a first-inning grand slam, and drove in six runs. Josh Bard followed the slam with a solo shot of his own. Lars Anderson drew three walks and Jed Lowrie had three RBI. Starter Kris Johnson struck out three and allowed one hit over two innings. Junichi Tazawa notched four strikeouts over two hitless innings.

Pawtucket manager Ron Johnson got booed by the crowd for holding up Jacoby Ellsbury at third base on a long drive to centerfield that probably could have been an inside-the-park home run.

Two split-squad games today:
1 PM vs Northeastern
7 PM vs Reds
Afternoon lineup:
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Lars Anderson, DH
Jed Lowrie, SS
Angel Chavez, 3B
Josh Bard, C
Zach Daeges, LF
Josh Reddick, RF

Kris Johnson, P
Clay Buchholz will start the evening game.


Ryan Aghdam said...

Is the Northeastern game televised?

allan said...

I don't think so.

MLB audio has both games, though.

allan said...

Angel Chavez: Grand Slam!

And Josh Bard makes it back-to-back dongs!!!

Jason who?

allan said...

K Johnson: 1 hit and 3 K in 2 IP.

FY, Jedi and Lars all walked before the 4-run dong!

5-0 after 1.5

Benjamin said...

12-0 after 3. Chavez got another dong, and Youk finally got a hit.

allan said...

Lars with 3 walks in 3 trips.

andy said...

Those poor college kids.

allan said...

Tazwawa: 2 IP, 1 BB, 4 K

Jere said...

It was cool hearing Castiglione, and having it on regular radio.

allan said...

Nor: 000 000 0 - 0 2 1
Bos: 507 200 x - 14 10 0


allan said...

Twins 7, Chokers 3

And the Sox get 4 in the 1st against the Reds -- OMG!!!

Tek hits a two-run double!!!

allan said...

And Lugo is 2-for-2.


allan said...

10-0 in the 2nd.

allan said...

Those poor (not in) college kids.

Jere said...

Reds on the board.

12-1 Boston.

Jere said...

26 runs in nine offensive innings so far today.

Jere said...

Sox finally don't score in an inning. I thought this might be the game.

Benjamin said...

GDGD says our record is (-5--1). I assume it's choking on the college exhibition games.

Jere said...

I'm surprised they had Castig and Risch do both games of a day-nighter in February.

Benjamin said...

Yeah, isn't spring training all about bringing up fresh talent and giving them a shot at the big game?

Benjamin said...

So if we can split the season between college teams and interleague games, we should be set.

nixon33 said...

whay aren't all the sox spring training games on the tele?

Joe Grav said...

Yay, BC lost by less than Northeastern! That's all I ask. :)

Benjamin said...

BOS - 000 001 100
MIN - 000 000 010