February 12, 2009

Red Sox Open Camp

Spring training has officially begun!

And (naturally) everyone feels good!

Terry Francona is optimistic about David Ortiz and Mike Lowell, as both men return from injury. ... Brad Penny threw off a mound yesterday -- the first time since last September:
The way I feel now I shouldn't have any setbacks. I've just got to stay after my shoulder work, do the best I can to stay in the best shape I can. Everything else will take care of itself.
Also on Wednesday, Josh Beckett threw a 62-pitch session. ... Tim Wakefield feels good and says he gave no thought to retirement.

Clay Buchholz talked about his struggles last season:
I don't think there's any words for it. Never had to really go through any adversity throughout my whole career, my whole life actually in baseball. ... You live and learn and I learned a lot from it last year.


laura k said...

Hooray! Happy spring training, everyone!

Rob said...

48° here on Spring Training Day! And we had RAIN last night. It's so weird... Water, falling from the sky!

laura k said...

It's about the same here, but colder. Much rain falling from very gray skies.

Benjamin said...

Damn, that photo's beautiful.

Pokerwolf said...

I had an ICE CREAM TRUCK drive through my neighborhood on Sunday!

Isn't it supposed to be Winter?!?!

Huzzah for Spring Training!

Go Sox!

FenFan said...

My ears and nosed are plugged and I can't seem to contain my cough - is it baseball fever? I feel better already!

allan said...

Damn, that photo's beautiful.

I've posted it a few times before. I think I even used it on my old Pedro sire, so it could be from 2000 or 2001.

Anonymous said...

weather here in this frozen wasteland-sunny skies but in the 20's-so its effing hot for february. looking back on our 08 stats-we need bigger and better numbers, as a whole team. big papi should be ready to go back to his 04 numbers, lowell NEEDS to produce this year. pitching i will be leniant because we have 7 quality staters with only 5 spots. HR leader YOUK only hit 29, STRIKEOUT leader BECKETT had a more respectable 172. those numbers and depth need to go up. we do that the divisions ours. WINTER HAS ENDED *sigh* APRIL/MAY FOR US IN THE AK.

Pepe Lepew said...

26 F here in Montana.
But, the sun's out!

laura k said...

26 F here in Montana.
But, the sun's out!

Sounds great to me. I love that weather.

andy said...

It is freezing overnight here in southern california. Rained last weekend and the rain circus just moved into town again for this weekend.

Rob said...

Today I got out of the gym decided it was a good idea to drive with the windows down. It felt good!

tim said...

Good morning! (A day late, a buck short I know I know) but was too busy yesterday to truly appreciate the start of spring (training)!

We had our spring weather Tues/Wed, back to cold blusteryness now.

Couple weeks of pitchers/catchers, followed by WBC game, then spring training and finally real baseball April 6!

Sucky exam schedule came out - no hope of hitting the home opener for me, but I have a 14 day break between the 8th and 22nd of April....brutal.

JFett said...

Happy Spring Training everyone!