February 4, 2009

Lester Arrives In Fort Myers

Jon Lester arrived in Fort Myers yesterday. The Globe has a video interview and lays out the schedule for the next two weeks:
Friday: Truck Day
February 12: Pitchers & catchers report
February 14: P&C first workout
February 16: Position players report
February 18: First full-squad workout
The Red Sox have also signed outfielder/first baseman Brad Wilkerson, 31, to a minor league contract. Nothing major -- just another low-risk-and-possible-reward-of-some-kind deal.


Anonymous said...

i feel stupid for asking this but what is truck day?

allan said...

You'll have to wait for Friday!!!

laura k said...

I guess this means no one is supposed to tell him?

Don't feel stupid, but apparently you'll have to be patient. :)

allan said...

Oh, I don't care ...

but there is this website called "the google" ... :>)

tim said...

heh heh heh, i love that tool, Redsock.

laura k said...

In the time it takes to get the Let Me Google That For You page, write the topic, Tiny-URL it and make the link, you could answer the person's question and make yourself a cup of tea.

But that would miss an opportunity to be snarky.

Seawolvesfan, Truck Day is the day a truck full of equipment for spring training leaves Fenway for Florida. For many years, people have been gathering at Fenway to take pictures and send off the truck.

It used to be kind of a semi-underground fan thing, but now it's an Official Sox Event, with real media, giveaways, etc.

Here's last year's Truck Day on Joy of Sox: link.

Anonymous said...

thats flipping awesome

Andrew said...

If Brad Wilkerson returns to Expos form, he could be very valuable to your organisation of choice. I hope to see him do just that!