February 15, 2009

Drew's Back Still An Issue

J.D. Drew is already having back trouble. His herniated disk has not gotten much better:
It's still pretty stiff. I've fought it all offseason. It's been one of them injuries that has kind of lingered. I've been able to hit, run and all that stuff, but some days I wake up stiff and some days it doesn't seem to be too bad. ... Everything is well enough to play. I just need to isolate it and try to keep it from flaring up too bad.
David Ortiz arrived in camp and was in the cage. The Globe has video. Extra Bases has more info on Drew, Dustin Pedroia and Josh Beckett.

Joe McDonald (ProJo) takes a brief look at the players who hope to win the backup catcher job. Amalie Benjamin spoke to all of them (and Terry Francona); Ian Browne did, too.

As if he thought his job was on the line if the Yankees miss the playoffs, Joe Girardi said "probably".

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Benjamin said...

In that video, when Pedroia's swinging, it's sunny; but then when Papi steps in, he blots out the sun.