May 31, 2010

Large Father Has Monster May

The Red Sox went 18-11 in May (.621), far better than their 11-12 (.478) record in April.

They began the month in fourth place, 6 GB Tampa Bay. The Rays went 17-12 in May, so Boston gained one game in the standings. The Red Sox are still in fourth place.

David Ortiz:
        PA   AVG   OBP   SLG    OPS
April 63 .143 .238 .286 .524
May 92 .363 .424 .788 1.211
You gonna bench me now, mo#@erfu%$er?

Flo hit 10 home runs and had 27 RBI in May. Ortiz's last .350-10-25 (or better) month was in June 2004 (.365-10-31). Before that, the last Sox hitter to do it was Nomar Garciaparra, in May 1999 (.355-10-33).

Ortiz has come close a few other times:
September 2005 - .321-11-30
July 2006 - .339-14-35
September 2007 - .396- 9-27
Ortiz last hit 10 home runs in a month in August 2006. He has hit seven dongs in his last 15 games.
People start talking trash too early, man. ... I feel good. It's not over yet.
Kevin Youkilis hit .329/.521/.683/1.204 in May, with 31 walks. For the season, he is second in the AL in OBP, 3rd in OPS, 2nd in Runs Created, 1st in runs scored, 1st in walks, 2nd in times on base.

Other May stats:
                AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
Adrian Beltre .333 .364 .568 .932
Jason Varitek .250 .351 .563 .914
J.D. Drew .324 .381 .471 .851
Not so good:
                  AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
Dustin Pedroia .213 .325 .333 .659
Darnell McDonald .244 .263 .321 .583
Jeremy Hermida .189 .228 .270 .498
Red Sox pitchers had a May ERA of 4.29 ERA (4.61 in April).

May ERAs: Jon Lester -- 1.84 in 44 innings, Clay Buchholz -- 3.08 in 38 innings.


SoSock said...

The really cool thing is you know Petey will perk up and have better months ahead, Cameron is almost certain to have better numbers than he has so far, MacDonald's 244 is not THAT bad, (although the obp and slg are abysmal) and Hermida is hopefully not going to be a starter on a regular basis. (Read - HURRY BACK LBJ!)
OK, I said THE cool thing, and that's more than one cool thing, sue me.

allan said...

For the year, McDonald has a better OPS than Scutaro (707 to 704).

It would be real nice if Lackey got his shit together.